Ford Fiesta 2017 Features Upgraded Interior, Possible Price Revealed

Ford Fiesta 2017 Features Upgraded Interior, Possible Price Revealed PHOTOGRAPH: Wikipedia/Charles | Under CC BY-SA 4.0

The Ford Fiesta 2017 is a proof that the company has showed resistance to change. Various advertisements from Ford challenged car buyers to “let go of what you know,” yet the company had a fair share of struggle when it comes to change. Despite the hardships, the newest Ford model has an upgraded interior at its finest.

On November 2016, Ford invited an audience of over 2,500 dealers and international media. The company unveiled the new Fiesta at the Ford’s Cologne plant last November 29. The car company hoped to gain attention from the event. It is clear that Ford does not want to reveal the new Fiesta before its launch in 2017.

Ford Fiesta 2017 Variants

The seventh generation Ford Fiesta unveiled four variants. The Titanium, ST-Line, Vignale and Active are the four variants of the new Fiesta.

The Titanium is the core range version, while the ST-Line is the sporty-looking variant. Ford Fiesta’s luxury variant is the Vignale version, while the Active model has an obligatory black cadding and roof rails.

The Active variant has a five doors while the other models can be specified with three or five doors. Motortrade reported that Ford will release other variants like the Fiesta ST in the future.

Ford Fiesta 2017 Features

The company upgraded the design of the Ford Fiesta 2017. The new Fiesta has a longer front and rear, which is longer than the previous ones by 40mm. It has an 18-inch wheel option, which has a slight increase on the wheelbase.

Ford engineers stated that the platform is the same, but some of the car’s features will be different. The company claims that they have upgraded the interior parts as well. The new Fiesta 2017 will provide an improved driving experience. The 2017 model also maintained the precise handling coming from the Active model.

The engines of the new and old models are similar. There will be a one liter three-cylinder, one liter Ecoboost and a 1.4 liter four-cylinder TDCI diesel. However, the five to six speed manual gearboxes are new. The gearboxes also include the synchromesh on reverse.

Ford Fiesta 2017 Price

Ford Fiesta’s new upgrade is met with a lot of competitions. These competitions include the new Volkswagen Polo, Nissan Micra and Citroen C3. According to Auto Express UK, the projected price for the new Fiesta is around $17,500 USD (£14,000). The new Fiesta will be unveiled at the summer of 2017.

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