Flying Cars Now on Commercial Sale


Car enthusiasts will be delighted to know that the world’s first commercially available flying cars are now on sale. PAL-V, a Dutch company, had started selling the flying cars. The company will take orders for the aerial vehicle and will make one at the cost of more than $390,000.

PAL-V’s flying cars are called Liberty

PAL-V demonstrated its first successful test flight five years ago. The company’s offering will be the first flying car that will hit the commercial market. The company has dubbed the aerial vehicle as Liberty. The model is fully regulated and approved by safety authorities. PAL-V stated that the Liberty will comply with all safety regulations set by the government. The company revealed that the delivery for the cars will start in 2018.

PAL-V teased about the flying cars for years. The testing for the concept cars started in 2009. In 2016, the company opened the first flying car school in North America. The first batch of the Liberty will be around 90 units. The company deemed the first 90 units as Pioneer Editions. The car will have a special exterior, as well as the specially formulated interior designs and functions.

The consumers who are looking to have a personalized touch will be given the opportunity to customize the power heating as well as other features. However, customers will have to pay additional fees if they want to customize the car. Moreover, the Pioneer Edition is sold for a higher price.

The Liberty will take the form of an enclosed three-wheeler, tightly packing a propeller on its roof during its land driving mode. In order to go airborne, the propeller and tail blades will expand. This will transform the vehicle into a gyrocopter.

The aerial vehicle will take 10 minutes to transform from a land car to a copter. It has a maximum speed of 100 mph while on ground. Its top speed while in flight is 112 mph. In land, the car has a range of 817 miles on a full tank. When in flight, the Liberty’s top range will be at 310 miles.

Flying cars now on sale: The Liberty will have two variants

Robert Dingemanse, CEO of PAL-V, stated that it took years of hard work while trying to overcome technical challenges before they succeeded in creating the flying car. He also stated that the car complies with the existing safety standards determined by safety officials.

PAL-V is taking pre-orders for the Sport base model which will cost $400,000. The Pioneer model will cost $600,000. The extra $200,000 will include special detailing and electronic flight instrument display. This will allow the car to have a futuristic design. To know more about PAL-V head on to their official website.

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