Fly From London to New York in Three Hours and Fifteen Minutes Aboard This Supersonic Aircraft Jet

Fly From London to New York in Three Hours and Fifteen Minutes Aboard This Supersonic Aircraft Jet Sunset Approach – Boeing 747-400 Virgin Atlantic from Joao Carlos Medau / Flickr with CC BY 2.0

Virgin’s Sir Richard Branson has come up with the perfect blend of military super-speed fighter jets and civil airplanes. It is the supersonic aircraft jet XB-1, which can carry passengers from one place to another at half the flight time.

While the technology seems futuristic, it is by no means the first attempt at such an endeavor. Faster flights have been on the rise since Concord’s Mach 2 went out of business 13 years ago.

‘Baby Boom’ – The Fastest Civil Airplane Yet

However Branson’s jet, XB-1, which is also called “Baby Boom,” is predicted to be 10 percent faster than Concord’s jets, which flew at 1,350mph. This supersonic jet has the flying speed of 1,451mph, faster than any airlines at present.

Hence, with stats like these, Branson is confident that no other aircraft can match to his brainchild. This includes his rivals, Boeing and Lockheed Martin’s supersonic creation.

Virgin’s Baby Boom claims to send passengers from London to New York in 3 hours and 15 minutes. The first test fights of the jet will begin later this year.

However, the jets are not set to launch commercially until 2023. It is increasingly clear that the jets are being developed exclusively for business class only, since the estimated cost of its flight ticket is said to be around 2,500 pounds!

2017 Is A Big Year For Flight Technology

Branson mentioned that the decision to invest his time and money in developing aerospace technology was an easy one, since he was always passionate about this project. Once developed, the aircraft will have the capacity to host 40 passengers at a time.

“As an innovator in the space, Virgin Galactic’s decision to work with Boom was an easy one. We’re excited to have an option on Boom’s first 10 airframes,” he added, reported the Independent.

While Boom will be primarily in charge of manufacturing the finished products, Virgin will lend engineering and manufacturing services as and when needed. Also, the latter will be the one to conduct test flights.

According to BBC, this is going to be a vital year for fight tech as it will not only see the fastest aircraft but also one with the longest route. Emirates holds the crown on that front at present but will soon be outdistanced by Qatar this year.

In February, Qatar will launch a non-stop flight from Doha to New Zealand’s largest city, covering 14,542 km. This will be a fitting reply to Emirates’ Dubai to Auckland flight, which covers 14,200 km.

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