Floyd Mayweather Next Fight: Top 3 Possible Opponents For ‘Money’ If He Comes Out Of Retirement

Floyd Mayweather Next Fight: Top 3 Possible Opponents For ‘Money’ If He Comes Out Of Retirement Floyd Mayweather Jr. Bryan Horowitz/ Flickr cc

Floyd Mayweather Jr. continues to stay officially retired, but a potential return to the ring has not died down entirely. There are two feasible opponents to face and one that is more of a fantasy match than a boxing match.

Who Between Manny Pacquiao And Gennady Golovkin Pays Out Better

First, let us take at the professional perspective. One thing Mayweather will be looking for is a good payout and the obvious choice is Manny Pacquiao.

Pacquiao has been aching for payback since losing to Mayweather in May 2015, but the undefeated boxer has not shown any sign of entertaining a rematch. Pacquiao has Mayweather on his list, but his next opponent will likely be Terence Crawford.

If priorities count, Pacquiao will likely opt for Mayweather first should the American boxer decide to don his boxing trunks once at least one more time. If not, the “Flamboyant One” could opt for plan B, a showdown with Gennady Golovkin.

The money tied up to a possible clash with Triple G may not be lucrative compared to Pacquiao. Also, Golovkin is one dangerous fighter. He has been running over his opponents and Mayweather may be wary of the punching power of the Kazakh superstar, Forbes reported.

Payout Is Good But More Show In Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor

The next name on the list is more of a show than an actual boxing match. This is with reference to Conor McGregor who has had his qualms with Mayweather.

For most, this is nothing more than a publicity stunt with both high-profile personalities in it for fame and the money. McGregor did apply for a boxing license, but that is in no way an indication that the fight with Mayweather is on, ESPN reported.

Rather, it is more on showing Mayweather that he is ready to face him in the ring, something that seems far from happening. The war of words will continue, but seeing a boxer and UFC fighter get it on may remain a dream.