The Flash Season 3 Episode 12 Plot and Spoilers: A New Meta-Human Villain Is Here


CW released the synopsis for The Flash season 3 episode 12, entitled Untouchable. The next episode of The Flash will see Barry (Grant Gustin) take Wally a.k.a Kid Flash (Keiynan Lonsdale) under his wing as a mentor. However, when the latter hero ends up being cocky, a villainous metahuman was able to slip through his grasp. Iris (Candice Patton) suffered the repercussions. Barry was left beside her in the hospital.

Fansided reported that Barry and the team at S.T.A.R. Labs will interact to reduce Clive Yorkin’s (Matthew Kevin Anderson) rampage and defeat him. Clive is a criminal meta-human who is methodically eliminating people by triggering them to decompose at an accelerated rate. According to Comic Book, Joe (Jesse L. Martin) will be his next target, but it is Iris who will be caught in the crossfire.

The Flash coaches Kid Flash and begins to raise the young speedster’s training to another level. This week, Barry will train Wally and prepare him for the ultimate objective of saving Iris. Their practice runs will include Central City’s most current villain, Clive.

The Flash season 3 episode 10: Cisco defeats Gyspsy

Meanwhile, last week’s Dead or Alive episode, Earth-19’s Gypsy (Jessica Camacho) arrived to apprehend H.R. Wells (Tom Cavanagh) for unlawful trans-dimensional travel. After his trial, he will be immediately executed. However, Barry and the rest of Team Flash will have none of that.

As Gypsy used her powers to transport herself into STAR Labs, Cisco (Carlos Valdez) and Wally briefly battled her. The fight was one-sided, with Gypsy being more powerful than Cisco. She offered H.R. the courtesy of getting his affairs in order before taking him back home.

When the deadline arrived, Gypsy found Team Flash opposing her again. They made a deal that in order to save Wells, they must battle to death. Cisco rose to the challenge. Gypsy gave Vibe one day to prepare.

Barry and the group rally around Cisco in his bid to help Wells. The team discovered that Gypsy has a weakness that he can take advantage of. When Cisco battled with her for the second time, he made use of her weakness and was able to win. Gyspy, understanding that she can not let her superiors know that she lost a battle, forced Wells to fake his death. This meant that Wells will not be able to go back to Earth-19.

Iris Puts Herself in Danger

Barry and Iris are still hiding the vision from the future. Things took a dark turn after Iris puts herself in danger. Iris wants to make a mark on the world before dying. Barry learned from Julian (Tom Felton) that in order to save Iris from Savitar, he will have to increase his speed, which is impossible at the oment. Barry hopes that Wally’s speed could save Iris from the impending doom.

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