Five Sci-Fi Horror Games of 2017

Five Sci-Fi Horror Games of 2017 PHOTOGRAPH: Flickr/BagoGames | Under CC BY 2.0

Sci-fi horror games have been around for a long time. Over the years, these games evolved considerably, becoming more immersive. The technological advances helped to produce upgraded graphics and virtual reality. Game publishers have a lot of tricks up their sleeves and 2017 is the time to release some iconic sci-fi horror games.

Here are five sci-fi horror games of 2017

The Hum: Abductions gameplay

In Abductions, the player will play the role of Holly Sanders, a mother, and wife. She lived hard days ever since her husband mysteriously vanished. Holly is lonely and disturbed, living with her little son Dan as her only company. The player will uncover the past and present events of Holly’s family. Moreover, the player will face a terrifying revelation, specifically, the threat of an alien abduction.

The game is a prequel to the upcoming Alien Invasion Simulator of Totwise Studio. The game publishers plan to create a larger series of games taking place in The Hum Universe.

Outlast 2 gameplay

Outlast 2 is an upcoming survival horror video game under Red Barrels. The game is the sequel to the 2013 video game Outlast. Outlast 2 features a journalist named Blake Langermann and his wife Lynn. Blake roams the Arizona desert to investigate the murder of a pregnant woman, only known as Jane Doe. A helicopter crash separated the couple. Blake has to look for his wife as he traveled through a village. A sect believing in the end of days inhabited the village.

The character cannot fight but can only defend himself by hiding in lockers, crouch, run, jump, climb and walk. The player will have a camcorder with night vision, similar to the first game. The camcorder’s batteries get drained if the player uses the night vision a lot. Blake has a more advanced camera with clearer footage, zoom and audio detection system. Blake wears glasses, which limits the player’s vision if it falls off.

Days Gone gameplay

Days Gone is a third-person, open-world, post-apocalyptic action-adventure survival horror video game. Players control Deacon St. John, a former bounty hunter who prefers living a dangerous life in the wilderness. The events in the game happen two years after a global pandemic struck the Earth and killed most of the humanity. The pandemic turned millions into mindless zombie creatures called Freakers.

Players can use multiple ways to complete objectives. The player can utilize stealth takedowns or fight with short and long range weapons. Players can also craft new items to use for combat. Freakers are weak and slow during the day. Unfortunately, they are fast and aggressive during the night. Players can use motorbikes to explore the world.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard gameplay

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is a survival horror video game published by Capcom. The game follows the story of Ethan Winters as he looks for his wife Mia. His search leads him to a derelict plantation. The Baker family inhabits the place. Ethan uses weapons and tools to fight the Baker family and creatures called ‘Molded’. Players can use healing herbs to restore health in an event of injury.

Tether gameplay trailer

The Earth is already dying after several continents collapsed following the destruction of the moon. Natural disasters sweep the planet while the newly formed United Environmental Federation (UEF) plans to terraform to Mars.

Once aboard the Sonne, Lesleigh, the game’s main character, must survive the psychological horrors of isolation in deep space. She re-lives some of her final conversations before living Earth and wonders if she lives with the consequences of her choices.


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