Fifty Shades Darker Soundtrack Possible Spotify Release: Here’s What We Know


Fifty Shades Darker soundtrack is a hot topic as the film’s theatrical release is simply within reach. Fans already heard Spanish R&B singer Miguel’s Crazy in Love followed by Taylor Swift and Zayn Malik’s I Don’t Wanna Live Forever. Halsey will also be giving her contribution with the song entitled Not Afraid Anymore. Fans are wondering whether the film’s soundtrack will be on Spotify. As it turns out, the soundtrack has a chance on getting featured on the music website. For the meantime, fans can now download some of the songs from iTunes.

Fifty Shades Darker soundtrack might have a shot on a Spotify spot

Fans can stream the Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack on Spotify. This is an indication that the Fifty Shades Darker soundtrack might be available on Spotify after its February 10 release. However, a couple of tunes dedicated to the first film was not available. Haunted and Crazy In Love were only offered with purchase of the album. It is uncertain whether any song from the second installment’s soundtrack will be exclusive to the film.

Moreover, Swift removed her songs from Spotify. She did not support the platform because it does not pay the writers, producers and people who worked for the music. In contrast, Zayn Malik slammed her and supported the website. There is no confirmation whether the duo’s music will be released on Spotify.

Aside from Miguel, Swift, Malik and Halsey’s songs, there are a lot of other artists who took part on the soundtrack. The list of artists included Sia, Nicki Minaj with Nick Jonas, John Legend, Tove Lo, The-Dream, and practically anyone who desires a piece of the pie will appear on the Fifty Shades Darker soundtrack. Fans who are eager to hear them right away can now download from iTunes (click here).

The Fifty Shades Darker soundtrack did not delve into the twisted world of the film

The Fifty Shades Darker soundtrack is not as overtly tormented as the film’s story line.
In addition, the album does not radiate sex in contrast to its portrayal in the film The only track that has sensual undertones would be Nick Jonas and Nicki Minaj’s collaboration on Bom Bidi Bom.

For the most part, the Fifty Shades Darker album followed the same trajectory as the film. The music featured less dirty talk and more sweet indulgence. The first movie’s soundtrack, launched in 2015, had an undercurrent of seedy, forbidden sex. With mostly a slow and sultry R&B lead, the lyrics frequently played to the most desperate romantic tropes. Beyoncé taped a husky, ominous version of Crazy In Love. The Weeknd was featured on the track list twice. In his song Where You Belong, he sang “I’m in control, when you offer me your body.” The song deeply embodied the film’s premise in its entirety.


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