Faraday Future Electric Car: FF 91 Takes off at 1050 Horsepower, Makes Ferrari Blush

Faraday Future Electric Car: FF 91 Takes off at 1050 Horsepower, Makes Ferrari Blush FF 91 / Faraday Future

Electric car startup Faraday Future has unveiled its first electric vehicle at the CES 2017. The company calls it the FF 91.

It has only been two and a half years since the company was founded, but now, Faraday Future can boast having over 1,400 employees with over 194 patents. The company has come a long way. With its latest offering, behemoths in the electric car industry need to watch out for a rising competition.

Faraday Future debuts its newest electric car

Engineers of the FF 91 admitted that it has not reached production levels yet, but it certainly handles itself fairly well. It has an electric drivetrain that allows it to reach 60 mph within 2.39 seconds.

It must be noted that the design of the FF 91 is merely icing on the cake. The company boasted that the FF 91 has 1050 horsepower, which could make Ferrari blush, since the amount is on par, or even better, than the luxury brand. The Ferrari 488 GTB engine’s quoted specification is at 660 hp.

Most noteworthy, the Ferrari 488 GTB is listed as one of the fastest cars in the world. With FF 91’s horsepower, it can join the fast cars club. The car’s horsepower is commendable, but some of its features are outstanding as well.

Faraday Future FF 91 Specs

Jalopnik reported that the interior of the FF 91 is impressive. It has a large horizontal screen at the back. It also has an HD digital rearview mirror.

The car will feature autonomous driving with 10 HD cameras boasting 12 ultrasonic sensors. Faraday also utilized 13 long and short range radars. The company will use crowd-sourcing to map out public parking lots in the United States, possibly around the world as well.

The FF 91 will be able to take on a range of 278 miles. The model can be charged with more than 500 mph. Digital Trends reported that Faraday also wanted to turn the FF 91 model into the most well-connected car, one that can keep track of a passengers’ settings, regardless of the seat that he or she is sitting on.

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