Falconry Facts: Know More About the Bizarre Sports in the Middle East

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Falconry Facts: Know More About the Bizarre Sports in the Middle East PHOTOGRAPH: Steve Bid Mead/Pixabay | Under Public Domain

A Saudi prince brought in eighty falcons on a plane for falconry. A Reddit user initiated a thread after posting a photo of the bizarre incident. The caption of the photo said that a Saudi prince brought tickets for his 80 falcons. The photo shows all the 80 falcons along with their owner.

Falconry: A Bizarre Sport

The presence of falcons on a plane might seem strange. However, transportation of falcons in the Middle East is in fact a very regular practice. In the Middle East, falconry is a common sport, which has been there for several years. Furthermore, falconry is still a popular past time in the United Arab of Emirates.

The International Association for Falconry and Conservation of Birds of Prey reported that the Middle East is the home of almost half of the world’s falconers. The Sun reported that several falconers travel throughout the world to hunt and participate in competitions. In fact, CNN reported that the sport involving falcons have turned out to be the one of the most significant parts of the region’s culture.

The Reddit post went viral after the photo thread started. One commenter on the thread, ThePublikon, stated that these falcons are used for hunting. Furthermore, each individual would stop hunting when they had enough of it. The commenter continued by stating that if the owner of the falcons wanted to hunt for a longer duration, he would need more falcons.

Another commenter, FrankTheHairlessCat, stated that most likely the Saudi prince was not traveling alone. In all probability, there could be multiple security personnel, mistresses, butlers and servants, along with the prince. In addition, the commenter stated that these people will take care of the equipment and birds.

The Prince could also be accompanied by friends who will be joining him in the hunt. “He bought 80 tickets for the birds, but how many tickets did he buy for his staff? This is likely a 2-floor plane and he probably has the entire floor,” the commenter wrote.

Falconry: Hawks Have Their Own Passports

Atlas Obscura published an article stating that falcons also entitled to passports to fly in the United Arab Emirates. This passport allows falcons to take a trip to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Syria, Oman, Morocco and Pakistan. In addition, the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Climate Change and Environment said that these passports will be active for three years.

Falcons are the national birds in the United Arab Emirates. In accordance, flights in the Middle East are supposed to make special arrangements for the travel needs of these birds. The National reported that seats are reserved for falcons and they are placed on a cloth to get rid of accidents, according Frank Kane, spokesperson for Flydubai airline.

My captain friend sent me this photo. Saudi prince bought ticket for his 80 hawks. from funny

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