Facebook Lawsuit: Know Why ZeniMax Wants $2 Billion From Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook Lawsuit: Know Why ZeniMax Wants $2 Billion From Mark Zuckerberg Oculus Rift @ Gamescom 2014 from Marco Verch / Flickr with CC BY 2.0

The recent Facebook lawsuit is big news in the technology industry. Controversy rose after a video game company sued Mark Zuckerberg out of the blue.

Technology has progressed exponentially over the past decade. Once upon a time, everything we have today was just an idea or a concept. Now, more than ever, competition has grown, and more and more companies are exercising rights over their ideas.

Patents and intellectual property are important parts of the tech industry. This is because there is a lot of competition trying to come up with similar ideas. Thus, it is safer to have them “owned” on paper.

Suing For Damages

The latest news involves video game company ZeniMax challenging Facebook-owned Oculus VR for stealing key technology. According to Forbes, the $2 billion Dallas trial started on Monday. Facebook is currently denying the claims, and there may be a possibility that CEO Mark Zuckerberg may have to testify in court.

According to Forbes, court documents stated that Facebook allegedly purchased Oculus with the awareness that some of the hardware and software were stolen. It is reportedly the work of former employee John Carmack, who joined Oculus in 2013. Both Oculus and Facebook executives are now stating that the story is completely false.

ZeniMax claims that Carmack began communicating with Oculus founder Palmer Luckey back in 2012. It was the time he was still in the company working on a VR headset called Rift. Then, the Oculus was still a crude “prototype” that lacked many critical features.

Company Mole?

According to Bloomberg, the company put the blame on Carmack, claiming that he copied thousands of documents from his computer. He allegedly retrieved information from other employees vital to the Rift development.

However, in the December files, Carmack said his employment with his previous company permitted him to be involved with the Oculus. This was before he joined Luckey’s team full-time. His previous company also allowed him to publicly disclose his virtual reality research.

Word is, he tried to push for a similar headset when he was still with ZeniMax. Unfortunately, his idea was rejected. The Facebook lawsuit is still ongoing, and there is a chance it may take a couple of weeks before new updates get released.


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