Ezra Miller Reveals how Warner Bros Cast Him as The Flash

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Ezra Miller Reveals how Warner Bros Cast Him as The Flash PHOTOGRAPH: The Flash Official Facebook Page |

The casting of Ezra Miller as The Flash was a shock to DCEU fans across the world. Initially, the audience didn’t approve of the casting. However, after taking a look at the actor as Barry Allen, fans are excited to see him liven up DCEU with his humor and laughter.

Ezra Miller first appeared as the speedster in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.” But the actor’s cameo was too short to take a good look at him.

Afterwards, The Flash made a cameo in “Suicide Squad.” So far, the speedster’s teasing appearances increased the audience’s anticipation for him.

If fans are looking for a person to thank for the casting of Ezra Miller, it would be none other than Zack Snyder. A recent clip revealed the actor talking about the moment he was approached to play the DC superhero.

Ezra Miller Was Hired To Play The Flash By Zack Snyder

Ezra Miller spoke to MTV with Josh Horowitz. The actor said that his agent called him while he was in Costa Rica. “Listen I have Zack Snyder on the phone, I got to put you through, he wants to talk to you about DC Universe,” he said.

Miller revealed that Zack Snyder got right into the topic. “He just starts talking about how I am going to play The Flash and I was just in a state of shock.” Fans can check out the clip below for more details.

Billy Crudup can also be seen standing beside Ezra Miller. The 48-year-old actor will play as Henry Allen in “The Flash.” Crudup has worked alongside Zack Snyder in DCEU’s “Watchmen.” He played Doctor Manhattan in the dark alternate history movie.

Actor Was In a ‘State of Shock’ After Hearing His Casting News From Snyder

Currently, DC fans are expecting Warner Bros. to reveal the director for “The Flash.” Earlier, Rick Famuyiwa was confirmed to direct the film; however, he exited the project due to “creative differences.”

Ezra Miller has played a prominent role as The Flash in Zack Snyder’s “Justice League.” It has already been hinted that his character brings fun and humor into the movie as well as to the cinematic universe.

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