‘Everywhere’ Gameplay Won’t Be Similar to GTA 5 and Future GTA 6

‘Everywhere’ Gameplay Won’t Be Similar to GTA 5 and Future GTA 6 PHOTOGRAPH: Flickr/Videogame Photography |

The upcoming game titled Everywhere is already in production and will reportedly be revolutionary. There are a lot of games that have their own unique twist to make them different from the others. Although many have the same build up, some finer features change things up.

Grand Theft Auto was one of the first open-world games that allowed players to explore the in-game world. Although there are some restrictions, players were able to explore and do what they wanted in the world. According to Venture Beat, the game Everywhere will be just like that and so much more.

GTA and More

GTA veteran Leslie Benzies just formed a new studio in Edinburg, Scotland and Los Angeles for Everywhere. He will be working with former Grand Theft Auto leaders Colin Entwistle and Matthew Smith. Unfortunately, the new studio does not have a name just yet.

However, they already have 30 employees and are reportedly looking for more. What they do have is a plan for Everywhere. It will reportedly be a massive open world where anything is possible. In fact, the plan is to out do Grand Theft Auto.

Immersive Environment

In Polygon, Benzies explained that it would be very different from the games he developed before. It will be different in tone and the players will be full control. He explains that it will genuinely feel like living an alternate reality.

They decided to do the game as players are getting smarter and need more stimulation in a game. While having a set gameplay and mission works, the ability to do anything opens more possibilities. At the same time, they wanted to push the boundaries of gaming to the limit.

For the longest time, the gaming world was enamored by the open world concept. In fact, since the concept first made games, the options for gaming have grown drastically. Not only has the gameplay become more sophisticated, but the graphics and system naturally upgraded as well.

Benzies left Rockstar Games a year ago and filed a lawsuit against the company. There was reportedly over $150 million in unpaid royalties. The legal dispute is currently on going.

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