This Emoji Can Crash any iPhone, Watch out

This Emoji Can Crash any iPhone, Watch out PHOTOGRAPH: Forsaken Fotos | Emoji from Forsaken Fotos/FLICKR with CC by 2.0

All that is needed to crash the iPhone is to send a particular sequence of emojis via iMessage. The text can cause the iPhone to freeze for up to minutes, leading it to automatically restart. However, different iOS versions seems to be affected differently by this bug.

The Poisonous Emoji For iPhone

The simple text consists of a flag emoji, followed by the number 0 and ending with a rainbow emoji. This text, when sent, implants a bug that freezes the iPhone to the point where even the home button stops working. Furthermore, there is nothing that one can do to recover from the temporary freeze than to wait for it to return to normal functionality.

The trick was first discovered by French iOS developer Vincent Desmurs. It was brought into focus and demonstrated on by YouTuber EverythingApplePro in a video on his channel, which has since gone viral. The bug works on almost all latest versions of iPhone — iOS 8.4 to iOS 10.2.

What makes it even more deadly is the fact that one does not even need to open the text or interact with it in any way for it to work. As soon as the text enters the iPhone it freezes up immediately. As a result, the user gets stuck on the page that he was viewing prior to receiving the text.

According to on app developer, there could be one possible explanation for the specific sequence of emojis incurring such an absurd reaction from the iPhone. The sequence, apparently, makes the iPhone automatically try and combine the three to create a rainbow emoji. But the iPhone fails to do so due to the zero in middle and ends up crashing.

Extent Of Damage Depends On iOS Version

USA Today has gone ahead and put the recently uncovered bug into test. What they observed varied slightly than EverythingApplePro’s video. They remarked that when the pattern of emojis was sent as a contact card, it did freeze up the iPhone of the recipient. However, the same did not hold true when the emojis were sent via text message.

There could be an explanation for that. Since YouTuber EverythingApplePro was using iOS version 10.1.1, it could just be that bug affects different versions of iOS differently. It is also pertinent to mention that the bug does not affect a smartphone in any way.

However, the bug is only an irritating prank and nothing more serious than that. It does not cause data losses to the iPhone, nor can it be used to hack or gain remote control into other iPhones. You can check out the video below to learn how to unlock your iPhone if you have been pranked by this bug.

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