Eminem Albums: ‘My Name Is’ Has Cryptic Message

Eminem Albums: ‘My Name Is’ Has Cryptic Message PHOTOGRAPH: Flickr/meesh |

Eminem fans have been waiting to hear from the rap god for months after he teased that an album is in the making. In fact, the album was rumored to make its released in 2016. It is already 2017 and there is not a release date set for the future album. Some fans have gone to the point of finding out some hidden messages in his past songs. Although it is a long shot, this keeps them preoccupied while the album is still being made. According to one fan theory,  “My Name Is…” has a secret message.

Whats is the Secret Message of Eminem’s Song?

According to Capital FM, the 1999 single that gave him worldwide fame actually has something more to offer. One fan discovered that when the chorus of the song is played in reverse it sound like he is saying “It’s Eminem, It’s Eminem, It’s Eminem.” This is mind-blowing as it seems to be a response to the song’s original line of “Hi, My Name Is…(What) My Name Is…”

While there may be some who are skeptical about the whole thing, a Twitter clip was uploaded to prove it. The clip showed the portion of the chorus played in normal speed and in reverse. With proof at hand, fans and music junkies are in awe at the genius that was discovered two decades later.

Of course, now people are starting to question if this was intentional or just something created by accident. According to Daily Star, no one really knows. However, this is not the first conspiracy theory that he has been subjected to. There are also crazy theories involving him, like he is actually a cyborg created by the music industry and that he actually died in a car crash in June 2007.

Highly Confidential Eminem Album 2017

In other news, Eminem is reportedly working on his newest album. His last full album release was back in 2013, and he is determined to make the wait worth it. There are reports that he has been in the studio working on some confidential tracks. In fact, there are reportedly some body guards right outside the studio to prevent anything from getting leaked out.

Lastly, there are not a lot of details on the album as well. According to Tripped Media, Ed Sheeran shared some interesting information on a possible collaboration. The singer shared that Eminem invited Kendrick Lamar to his studio to make a song, but only Lamar was actually allowed inside the studio. The rest of his friends who came with him had to wait outside.


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