Baby Detained, Deprived of Breast Milk in Pursuance to Donald Trump Immigration Ban

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Baby Detained, Deprived of Breast Milk in Pursuance to Donald Trump Immigration Ban PHOTOGRAPH: Sutipok/Pixabay | Under Public Domain

Jude, an eleven-month-old baby who is still breastfeeding, was detained and separated from her mother at the Dallas Forth Worth airport on January 31. Lawyers said her mother is a legal resident of the United States. This makes Jude a U.S. citizen. However, immigration officials took Jude away from her mother. Lawyers had to fight to prevent the baby’s deportation.

One hundred lawyers voluntarily went to the Dallas airport on Tuesday following reports of many stranded people at the airport as a result of Donald Trump’s infamous immigration ban policy. The volunteer lawyers hoped to help the many affected people following the travel ban. They were all shocked to find out that one of those detained at the airport was Jude.

Donald Trump Immigration Ban Result: Eleven-Month-Old Baby Detained, Mother Denied to Breastfeed

Andrew Strong, one of the lawyers who volunteered, gave all the details – blow by blow – via a Facebook post. In his post, he said that he cannot believe that he was drafting a restraining order for a baby. The Leaky Boob, a Facebook page that promotes breastfeeding, first shared the post. Strong’s Facebook post, however, was already taken down as of press time. It was not immediately clear whether Facebook blocked it or Strong changed his privacy setting.

According to a report from Dallas News, Angela Hunt, a former Dallas City Council member, testified that baby Jude is a U.S. citizen. Hence, lawyers who convened at the airport were all mad about the situation that the baby has gotten into as a result of Trump’s immigration policy. At one point, the lawyers were desperate to free Jude that they have thought of using the social media to call attention to what was happening. Fortunately, Jude was released that same day, along with many families stranded at the airport.

Donald Trump Immigration Ban: Five-Year-Old Boy Detained at Washington-Dulles Airport

In a separate event, on January 30, a five-year-old Iranian boy was also detained for five hours in an airport. The boy is a U.S. citizen from Maryland according to officials who have spoken with WILX 10. The boy traveled along with a relative. His mother was waiting at the airport. An emotional footage from ABC 7 News showed the mother singing the Happy Birthday song when they were finally reunited after the boy’s five-hour detention. (The video can be seen below.)

Democratic Senator, Chris Van Hollen of Maryland, expressed anger against the Trump administration because of what happened. However, White House spokesman Sean Spicer said that the detention was justified. “To assume that just because of someone’s age and gender that they don’t pose a threat would be misguided and wrong,” he said during a press conference.

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