The Elder Scrolls Online Update: ESO Homestead now Available for Download, Brings New Homes and Editing Tools

The Elder Scrolls Online Update: ESO Homestead now Available for Download, Brings New Homes and Editing Tools PHOTOGRAPH: Flickr/Ian Hughes |

The Elder Scrolls Online will finally receive an update, but it is not what fans were expecting. Players who just cannot wait to find out the new update go to great lengths to get the important information. Some even go as far as datamining to satisfy their curiosity.

Thanks to some leaks on files found within the game, there were speculations that it would be a Morrowind expansion. Players thought that one of the biggest expansions will make it to the game but something else came first. Bethesda did confirm that Morrowind will be the next big thing for the game, but fans got the new ESO Homestead content instead.

A Pleasant Surprise

According to Express UK, the new ESO Homestead content is now available on PC and Mac. The DLC has 39 unique homes to choose from. It can be edited with the Housing Editor tools and over 2,000 individual home furnishings and decorations. To be more specific, players are told that they can own one of each homes available. Thus, players can treat it as their in-game home that comes with the conveniences and comforts of a real world home.

How to Find Homes

To get a home, players must choose any unfurnished or furnished home in the Crown Store. Players can opt to go through the Homestead tutorial quest called “A Friend In Need” as well. This is done in order to obtain a free room. After this, players must seek out Canthion the Wood Elf Housing Broker.

Not to mention, layers should look for the Housing Brochure in the bank in every major non-DLC city zone. He can be found in Auridon, Vulkhel Guard in Vulkhel Guard Manor & Treasury in Aldmeri Dominion. In Daggerfall Covenant he is in Glenumbra, Daggerfall, in the Bank of Daggerfall. Lastly, Stonefalls, Davon’s Watch, in the Unveran Bank in Ebonheard Pact.

Furthermore, those who are interested in getting the new Elder Scrolls update should know that it is 3.36GB in size. There are also other changes in-game such as Homestead Basics, acquiring A Home, Home Previewing, the Housing Editor, and List of Homes. In addition, there is Home Decoration, Specialty Furnishings, Furnishing Sourcing, Furnishing Crafting, Housing Permissions, and Housing Achievements.

Pre-Order Now

In other news, players can pre-order the Morrowmind upgrade via Steam for $40, Destructoid noted. The standalone edition is more expensive at $60 and the Collector’s Edition is priced at $80. Unfortunately, these updates do not come with access to Tamriel Unlimited.

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