Russia Might Hand Edward Snowden to US to Improve Diplomatic Ties

Russia Might Hand Edward Snowden to US to Improve Diplomatic Ties PHOTOGRAPH: ajehals | Under CC BY-SA 2.0

Reports stated that Russia might turn over whistleblower Edward Snowden to the United States. These reports came out while Donald Trump is trying to make amends with Russia. It was stated that Russia might hand him over as a “gift” to the new president.

Edward Snowden: Whistleblower Might Be Heading Home

An analysis of a series of sensitive intelligence reports were made before an official released an official statement. Those reports contained details about Russian deliberations. The official also stated that Snowden’s handover is one of the ways to get favors from President Trump.

Another source from within the U.S. intelligence community also confirmed the report. The source stated that the issue was mentioned in Russian conversations. The matter could also be discovered, said the source, in certain notes collected since Trump’s inauguration in January.

According to NBC News, while Obama was the U.S. president, the former NSA contractor was charged with offenses under the Espionage Act. President Trump earlier stated that Snowden was an absolute traitor and he deserves to be executed before the beginning of the presidential campaign. “I think he’s a total traitor and I would deal with him harshly,” Trump stated in July. “And if I were president, Putin would give him over.”

Furthermore, President Trump said that he wants to improve U.S. and Russia ties. In contrast, Trump was questioned for disregarding U.S. intelligence agencies reports about Russian hackers interfering with the 2016 presidential election. Moreover, Trump’s administration also denied the allegations that his campaign had improper ties to Russia.

A former congressional staffer recently stated it was improbable that Putin will actually handover Snowden to the U.S. According to Press TV, Rodney Martin stated that Russia returning Snowden to America was nothing but a media “speculation.” “It wouldn’t surprise me if this is a bogus story designed to rattle Snowden in an effort to make him flee to some place so he could be intercepted in route,” Martin said.

Edward Snowden: Whistleblower’s Version

On Sunday, the former NSA contractor tweeted that he was not at all scared of getting back to the United States. In addition, he also made fun of the abrupt rise of rumors. Snowden stated that a transfer was in the works.

He also stated that the report of him being handed over ultimately proved that he was not working with Russian intelligence. He said that “no country trades away spies,” because the others would fear that they are next. Moreover, he said that the report of his return to U.S. was the most powerful proof that he never cooperated with Russian intelligence.

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