DxOMark Rates Camera on iPhone 8 Plus as Best Available

DxOMark Rates Camera on iPhone 8 Plus as Best Available PHOTOGRAPH: movavi.com |

Competition among the flagship smartphones from top manufacturers nowadays tends to take place on several fronts, one of which being the camera. Recently the iPhone 8 Plus received a big boost in that regard, as DxOMark rated its camera as the ‘best performing mobile device camera’ that they have ever tested.

To obtain a rating for smartphone cameras, DxOMark tests the performance of those cameras across various categories such as contrast, color, exposure, texture, noise, artifacts, flash, zoom, bokeh, and so on. Based on the how cameras score in each of those categories, DxOMark then rates them with a Photo Score, Video Score, as well as an overall Mobile Score.

The overall Mobile Score of the iPhone 8 Plus as rated by DxOMark stands at a record-breaking 94. That surpasses the previous record of 90 by a decent margin, which was jointly held be the Google Pixel and HTC U11. It is worth noting that the iPhone 8 similarly excels in DxOMark’s tests compared to other smartphones, and was rated with a Mobile Score of 92.

The one surprise may be that the iPhone 8 Plus camera outperforms its predecessor the iPhone 7 Plus that had a score of 88. On paper that may seem strange as they have such similar specifications in terms of the cameras and sensors that are in them. Both the iPhone 8 Plus and 7 Plus bear 12 MP dual cameras that have an f/1.8 wide angle sensor and f/2.8 telephoto sensor. The real differences between the two however are largely the improvements that have been made to the computational image processing on the iPhone 8 Plus, along with its powerful new A11 chip.

Scrutinizing the results of the DxOMark’s further shows that the iPhone 8 Plus managed to acquire a Photo Score of 96 – breaking another of Google Pixel’s previous records that stood at 90. The Video Score of the iPhone 8 Plus is also impressive at a respectable 89, that ties it with the HTC U11 but is marginally behind Google Pixel’s rating of 91.

Although iPhone 8 Plus is ahead of its rivals in almost every category that DxOMark examined, it must be noted that it may not remain ahead for very long. Aside from the fact that new flagships such as the Google Pixel 2 are on the horizon, it is likely that Apple’s very own iPhone X should surpass it when it is released in November.

Still as things stand the iPhone 8 Plus is unrivalled in terms of its camera and the quality of images that it is able to capture. While it still makes sense to use photo editing software such as Movavi Photo Editor to edit and improve photos after they are snapped, on the whole the images should look much better even without editing. All in all DxOMark’s tests are another feather in Apple’s cap and certify it as still being ahead of its competitors in photography.