Dwayne Johnson Talks DCEU’s Black Adam, Reveals Reason For Taking On Role!

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Dwayne Johnson Talks DCEU’s Black Adam, Reveals Reason For Taking On Role! Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Facebook

Dwayne Johnson has been on hold from playing as Black Adam from a long time. However, the actor still hasn’t backed out from the DCEU role although Warner Bros. continues to delay it.

Since the casting news made official, Dwayne Johnson has been questioned about his DC role by various news agency. The actor has also proudly embraced his affiliation with Warner Bros. for the role and has revealed that he his educated about his fictional character profile as well.

Dwayne Johnson Reveals Love For Black Adam Role

Recently, Dwayne Johnson did a Q&A video on his official YouTube channel. The actor answered several hilarious questions thrown in by his fans. But a question about his role as Black Adam has managed to go viral.

A fan questioned Dwayne Johnson “So what made you want/consider the role of Black Adam?” The actor replied, “I love the role of Black Adam, I love that he starts off as a slave, he felt he was wrong, I love that back story.” He also added, “I think Black Adam has always been me, the most intriguing superhero.” Fans can check out his response in the video below.

Black Adam Could Be The Villain In Man of Steel 2

Black Adam is one of the supervillains associated with magic in DC Universe. Moreover, he is one of the few capable of fighting against Superman due to his weakness to Magic.

Recently, it was suggested that Man of Steel 2 could star Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam as the main villain. The speculation began due to a picture shared by the actor with Henry Cavill. There has been no confirmation on it yet.

Black Adam is known for being Shazam’s rival in DC Universe. In 2010, DC Entertainment also produced a film titled “Superman/Shazam!: The Return of Black Adam”.

The animation movie revealed the Man of Steel fighting beside Shazam to take down Black Adam. It’s possible that DCEU is looking to take on a similar adaptation for Man of Steel 2