Dublin Man Buries Himself Alive, Live Streams on Facebook From the Grave

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Dublin Man Buries Himself Alive, Live Streams on Facebook From the Grave PHOTOGRAPH: John Edwards/Facebook |

An elderly Dublin man will spend the next three days buried alive under the streets of Belfast. While in the coffin, John Edwards will be live streaming his experience on Facebook. He will also talk with his friends and family via Skype. The coffin was buried near the Willowfield Parish Church, located at the eastern part of the city.

An elderly Irish man buried alive to raise awareness on addiction and depression

Edwards locked himself in the casket and had soil dumped on top of it. He decided to live underground for the next three days in order to raise awareness for people who are suffering from addiction and depression. He did the challenge to support the Walking Free charity.

Edwards was a former addict and wants to reach out to people who are going through rough times. Under the ground, he will have a broadband internet which will allow him to reach out to people, especially addicts while inside the coffin.

Edwards stated that he had been clean and sober for 25 years. He created a large coffin which was way bigger than his size. The former addict stated that it was radical move but he wanted to raise awareness to his cause.

He said that there are suicidal people who continuously contact him. Moreover, he knows some friends and family members who are having suicidal thoughts. He wants to speak to those people from the grave and show them that there is hope before they go down the dark path.

The casket is huge enough to let Edwards sit up or lie down. Edwards equipped the coffin with some electrics and broadband internet. People can reach out to him via Facebook Live, as well as on the Walking Free website. He is also willing to take phone calls, texts, emails and Skype messages from people around the world.

John Edwards had been clean and sober for 25 years

Edwards is a committed Christian who is happily married to his wife, Trish, for 20 years. Local Rector David McClay stated that the message from the grave is to give hope. The purpose is to give hope for those people suffering with addiction. McClay added that there is “hope for the hopeless and hope of life that is eternal.”

Furthermore, McClay said that Edwards knows that March 1 is the date of his burial. In reality, the rest of the world does not know the time when they will be buried. McClay added, “The rest of us don’t know when we will be buried, when our lives will end – but for every Christian there is the confident hope of life forever because of what Jesus has won for us on the cross. He did it so that we don’t have to pay the price for our sin and guilt.”

The local rector also stated that Edwards demonstrated the “transformation that Jesus can bring to our lives.” Edwards spent 20 years of his life as an addict and alcoholic. His past experience helped him to be compassionate to people who are facing the same difficulties.

He wrote that he was once ‘homeless, suicidal, abused and had been in psychiatric hospitals.’ He had cancer for two times, Hep C and liver transplant. Moreover, he also witnessed many of his loved ones and friends dying. Despite everything that he experienced, Edwards believed that there is hope and wants to share it to the world.

Source: The Telegraph, Newstalk.com

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