Drake Previews New Song After Reuniting With Nicki Minaj

Drake Previews New Song After Reuniting With Nicki Minaj PHOTOGRAPH: Flickr/musicisentropy |

Drake rekindled his friendship with Nicky Minaj and fans now anticipate some new music from the pair. The Canadian rapper posted an Instagram photo showing him together with the American singer and songwriter. Fans were all the more thrilled when Drake previewed his new song thereafter.

Singer collaborations are not unheard of in the music industry. In fact, there are so many hits in the Billboard Charts that are from big name collaborations. The Canadian singer shot to solo single fame last year with the release of his album and the success of his single “One Dance.” However, it looks like the singer is going back to what he does best. Drake is known to collaborate with big artists and create catchy singles.

Inspired by Friends

According to Hypebeast, he previewed the track in Amsterdam earlier this week. Those who were not able to hear his new track at his Boy Meet World Tour afterparty in London can hear a snippet of it on Instagram. He rapped, “We don’t need to hear about a next man. I still got love for the West End.”

In other news, fans are thrilled to hear that Nicki Minaj is friends once again with Drake. According to ET Online, the public knows that they have been friends for the longest time. However, a publicized feud between Nicki’s then boyfriend, Meek Mill, put a strain on the friendship.

To prove they are friends once again, both of them posted images of them hanging out on their personal Instagram accounts. One of the pictures even had rapper Lil’ Wayne with them. Now, fans are hopeful that their “hanging out” session may lead to another great collaboration single.

Personal Relationships

In other news, Drake made a lot of headlines last year because of his elusive personal life. While his single became a Billboard hit, the public was more interested in his relationship with Rihanna. Although they denied they were ever together, their close relationship proved the rumors otherwise.

However, a big bomb was dropped when it was revealed that he really was not dating Rihanna after all. Instead, he was confirmed to be dating singer Jennifer Lopez. The couple posted up photos on their Instagram accounts to share the good news. While fans of the Rihanna-Drake ship found it hard to accept at first. Their New Year’s eve vacation pretty much set their relationship in stone, Mirror noted.

Even with a relationship out in the public, there are many who believe it is just a publicity stunt. J.Lo may be a famous singer but she is not as relevant as she used to be in the music industry. Thus, fans are speculating she may be using Drake to connect to a younger market.

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