Drake Skips Grammy Awards 2017: Find Out Why Rapper Isn’t There To Accept Awards

Drake Skips Grammy Awards 2017: Find Out Why Rapper Isn’t There To Accept Awards PHOTOGRAPH: Flickr/Hail Merry |

Drake did not attend the 2017 Grammy Awards. There are a lot of reasons why some artists are not able to attend awarding events. Most of the time people are busy with other projects, however, there are others who just opt to not go at all. Find out the real reason why the world’s biggest selling artist of 2016 chose to ditch one of the prestigious awards ceremony.

Drake Had a Busy Schedule That Coincided With Grammy Awards 2017

According to Romper, the “One Dance” artist had to perform in Manchester, England on Sunday. This performance fell on the same night as the Grammy Awards air live. Many expected him to show up especially since he is nominated for eight awards this year. However, others are speculating that there are other reasons why he does not want to attend.

Drake Past Flames: Is He Avoiding Rihanna or J.Lo?

For the longest time the public linked Drake and “Umbrella” singer Rihanna together. While it took sometime for them to confirm their relationship in public, they were seen together many times. Plus, they have also collaborated on a number of songs together. However, after his romance with J.Lo hit the tabloids and major news outlets, the rumors that he broke up with Rihanna went large.

This time around, there were speculations that he did not go in order to avoid running into both of them. Apart from the speculation that he has already broken up with J.Lo, it would be awkward to be seated in the same row as his supposed ex-flames. Rihanna was seated in the front row due to her seven Grammy nominations and J.Lo was there because she is a music legend.

Even if he was not able to attend, he still managed to bag a few awards from his nominations. Drake won Best Rap Song and Best Rap /Song Collaboration for “Hotline Bling.” His producer Paul Jeffries went on stage to claim the prize in his behalf.

Drake Wanted to Stop a Man from Committing Suicide in Manchester

Even if Drake did not attend the Grammy Awards 2017, he was able to make his visit in Manchester remarkable. Drake got held up on his way back home from his Manchester Arena gig. According to Daily Mail, there was a man who was standing on the wrong side of the barriers. The roads were blocked while the police tried to talk to the man out of what they believed was an attempted suicide. Thus, the tour bus carrying Drake and his entourage were caught up in the traffic.

According to Inspector Phil Spurgeon, there was one officer who was approached by a male who claimed to be part of the singer’s entourage. Drake had offered to speak to the man on the bridge in order to assist the policemen. However, the offer was declined with thanks and the man was safely brought down the bridge before 7 am. The traffic jam started around 5:40 am when the tour bus was headed back to the hotel right after the gig at Manchester Arena.


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