Donald Trump to Use Stealth Bomber as Presidential Plane: B21 Capable of Penetrating Enemy Air Defenses

Donald Trump to Use Stealth Bomber as Presidential Plane: B21 Capable of Penetrating Enemy Air Defenses Under CC BY-SA 2.0

Donald Trump might seek to sell his 747-8 Air Force One in favor of a stealth bomber as the president of the United States looks for an alternative plane for transport. The famous governmental Boeing 747-8 jet has been due for an upgrade. Officials are considering to have the plane retro-fitted with military-grade defense features. Considering that the plane is past its prime, aerospace and defense analysts proposed dropping the 747 for a B-21 stealth bomber.

As reported by Aviation Week, the proliferation of high-tech surface-to-air rockets by enemy groups poses a significant risk for Air Force One. Experts criticized the plane as a “fat radar target” that needs modification. The upgrade will provide greater defense and interaction systems. The Pentagon desires the aircraft to be able to fly in case of a nuclear war. Moreover, they want the Air Force One to stand up against electro-magnetic pulses.

Trump took to Twitter to blast the structure of the new 747s. He stated that the amount of $4 billion was “out of control” and wished to “cancel the order.” Cost management specialists Wright Williams & Kelly (WWK) produced its hypothetical report detailing how the president can conserve money by opting the Northrop Grumman B-21 stealth bomber.

Aside from its cost-effectiveness, the B-21 can hide from enemy radars and penetrate enemy air defenses due to its advanced stealth technology. Danny Lam, representative for WWK, reiterated the B-21 integrated stealth and defense systems. The jet, after all, has a nuclear rate and shield right off the bat.

Donald Trump to Use Stealth Bomber as Presidential Plane: Will there be enough space on the B-21?

Currently, Air Force One can carry around 70 travelers. The fact raises questions as to how much space a B-21 can provide. Nonetheless, WWK believes that the president can remove the weapons bay to provide more space. Additionally, Trump can have two 737s watching over the B-21’s flight. The 737 is the Boeing’s tiniest commercial jet, which can watch over the B-21 from a safe distance.

The makers of the B-21 based its radical design on the iconic, angular B-2.  It was produced in the late 1980s and presented in 1997. The new B-21 takes radar-dodging innovation to the next level. Despite claims of conserving money and making an impression to other world leaders, experts estimated the implementation date for the B-21 bomber to be around 2024. With this date, Trump might no longer be in the position to see the plane take off.

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