Donald Trump Twitter: China Asks US President-Elect To Stop Tweeting, Here’s Why

Donald Trump Twitter: China Asks US President-Elect To Stop Tweeting, Here’s Why Donald Trump/ Tennessee GOP

The US President-elect Donald Trump does not have a very good public reputation. His mouth and impulsive moves always deliver him into trouble. That said, his victory over Hillary Clinton was a major bomb that hit the entire world.

During the final days of his election, Trump’s team hindered him from using his own Twitter account. It’s safe to say everyone knows how he handles his account. It’s like a mean girl’s burn book, wherein he bashes anyone, anytime he likes.

If you have been following Trump on Twitter, you would know he always throws accusations against Asia’s giant. In fact, he almost always does that, China has to constantly debunk his claims.

Now, it looks like China had enough of Trump’s game, it fired back a bit. The Asia’s giant condemned Trump over his use of Twitter.

China Slammed US President-elect Donald Trump

In a commentary released through Xinhua, the country’s official news agency, China put emphasis on Trump’s ‘obsession’ over Twitter. Trump has been dubbed as a Twitter-savvy, who earned a reputation for making unpredictable and biased statements on Twitter. He made several controversial comments and accusations about China.

“The obsession with ‘Twitter diplomacy’ is undesirable,” said Xinhua’s byline. “Tweeting has become a habit for Mr. Trump.”

“It is a commonly accepted that diplomacy is not a child’s game — and even less is it business dealing,” the news agency, which is the most influential media outlet in China, said. “As former United States Secretary of State [Madeleine] Albright said, Twitter should not be a tool for foreign policy.”

Albright used to be under President Bill Clinton. She is a vocal supporter of Trump’s rival Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump Twitter

Aside from consistent bashing of China, he sometimes includes other countries like Korea. Just last Monday, he once again posted a tweet saying Asia’s giant is not going enough to overpower its nuclear-armed neighbor North Korea.

Prior to that, back in December 2016, he accused China of maintaining its currency artificially low. He then announced that Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen called him to congratulate him on his victory.

Trump is about to sit as America’s next president and in his recent interview with CBS’s “60 Minutes” in November, he suggested he’d be “very restrained” on Twitter after being officially sworn in as president.