Donald Trump’s National Security Adviser Mike Flynn Under Probe

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Donald Trump’s National Security Adviser Mike Flynn Under Probe PHOTOGRAPH: Flickr / Gage Skidmore |

Donald Trump’s National Security Adviser Mike Flynn is under investigation. They are scrutinizing phone calls between him and the Russian Ambassador to the United States. The scrutiny is part of a counter-intelligence investigation of Russian activities in the U.S.

Law enforcement and intelligence officials reported that the calls were fetched by regular U.S. phone tapping targeting the Russian diplomats. While doing so, officials came across certain content that was quite concerning. Furthermore, the investigators are still investigating the discussions. They are quite worried about Russian intelligence-collecting activities in the U.S.

However, as of now, the investigators have not determined any wrongdoing. The FBI and other intelligence officials detailed members of the Obama White House team about the Flynn calls. This took place sometime before Obama left office.

Meanwhile, Trump’s press secretary Sean Spicer organized a press meeting. Spicer said that he had discussed the issue with Flynn. He informed that Flynn and the Russian ambassador, Sergey Kislyak, have got engaged in two phone calls, CNN reported. During the two calls, both of them talked about four topics including positioning a call between Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin. They exchanged holiday greetings, serving condolences for lives lost in a Russian plane crash and a Syria conference on ISIS.

On Sunday night, another spokesperson for Trump stated that the White House has no idea about an investigation of that sort. The spokesperson stated that the White House is even unaware of the basis for such an investigation. While the calls came on the day U.S. ordered more sanctions against Russia, a Trump official said that Flynn and Kislyak did not talk about the sanctions.

Facts About Mike Flynn Before He Was Appointed By Donald Trump

It was during November, when Retired Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn announced on Twitter that he had accepted the position of national security adviser. Flynn is a three-star-general with 33 years of military experience. As national security adviser, Flynn is tasked to provide security briefing to the president.

Surprisingly, Flynn came from a democratic background. He is a lifelong Democrat before shifting alliance because he is not too thrilled with the current Democratic party, said Politico. “I grew up as a Democrat in a very strong Democratic family, but I will tell you that Democratic party that exists in this country is not the Democratic party that I grew up around in my upbringing,” he was quoted as saying via ABC.

Flynn did his military service in Afghanistan and Iraq. He served as the director of intelligence for Joint Special Operations Command. Former president Barack Obama selected him as the director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, the CIA of the Pentagon, in 2012.

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