People Think Donald Trump’s Mental Health Is the Subject of This Tweet

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People Think Donald Trump’s Mental Health Is the Subject of This Tweet PHOTOGRAPH: MIH83/Pixabay |

The United States Department of Defense (DoD) posted tweet about social media and how it can be used as an indicator of mental health. People are now thinking that the tweet is linked to Donald Trump. They are wondering whether the national security body was softly trolling the U.S. President.

Donald Trump: The DoD Tweet

The Twitter post stated that posts on social media can actually provide a significant window into a person’s mental health. In addition, it stated that one would know what to look for. The department also provided links to research on military suicide.

The research was financed by the DoD’s Suicide Prevention Office. The office reported that social media could be used in understanding a person’s state of mind. “Social media platforms provide potential opportunities for individuals to connect to support or treatment they need,” the report indicated.

According to The Hill, the research mentioned in the tweet was conducted before Trump took office on January 20. The article about the research was published on January 19. However, many people are assuming that the DoD tweet was making a disguised reference to President Trump.

“Day 3 of American Dystopia, and @DeptofDefense is subtweeting the president,” @summerbrennan replied to the tweet. “Y’all know he shut down tweets from Dept of Interior for less than this. Hope y’all survive the next purge,” @doctornayaka tweeted. The tweet is referring to the blanket ban, which was administered on all Twitter accounts of the Department of Interior.

The National Park Service recently retweeted photos showing a huge difference in crowd size between Barack Obama’s inauguration in 2009 and Trump’s on Friday. Trump has been using his Twitter account to bash opponents, voice his grievances and support friends. Recently, he lashed out on the women’s march, a protest against his presidency.

Donald Trump: Tweet for Veterans

Meanwhile, there were others who believe that the tweet was made for the mental health of the veterans. They stated that it had got nothing to do with Trump. There has been research on veterans of the Iraq War, which showed that these veterans are at intense risk of mental health problems. Furthermore, studies estimated that up to 25 percent of returning troops suffer from depression, RT reported.

While on the campaign trail, Trump had stated that veterans suffering from mental health issues simply could not handle it. Families of veterans who died by suicide have been complaining about the the Department of Veterans Affairs. They were quite critical of the provision of mental health care meant for former soldiers.

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