Donald Trump FBI Memos: Christopher Steele Bio, Achievement and Intelligence Background

Donald Trump FBI Memos: Christopher Steele Bio, Achievement and Intelligence Background Pixabay

Christopher Steele is a former British spy who reportedly wrote a dossier on President-Elect Donald Trump’s alleged activities and connections with Russia. The 52-year-old wrote the allegations that Russian officials blackmailed Trump. Moreover, he also claimed that Trump’s campaign staff had close Russian ties during the elections.

Donald Trump FBI Memos: Christopher Steele

The document Steele wrote contained multiple spelling mistakes and other errors. It also has information that were proven to be untrue.

Steele used to work for British intelligence. He was based in Russia in the 1990s, and he presently runs intelligence firm Orbis Business Intelligence in London, according to the Wall Street Journal. In addition, the London-based company serves clients with corporate intelligence, along with investigations and insight.

According to former CIA agent John Sipher, who specialized in Russia and counterintelligence, Steele had a reputation in the global intelligence community. Steele’s name was on the diplomatic service list published by the British government. It was published at the Moscow embassy with the title “Second Secretary (Chancery).” The duration of Steele’s work in Moscow was still unknown.

However, he was also “First Secretary” with the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office in 2003. Furthermore, in 1998 Paris, he became the “First Secretary (Financial)” at the British embassy, reported Forbes.

Donald Trump: Reaction To Christopher Lee’s Dossier

Trump has denied the accusations, saying the data in the dossier is completely untrue. Moreover, Russia also said that the data in the report is a “hoax.”

Trump also referred to it as fake news during a press conference. He claimed that the report was phony; nothing in it ever happened.

According to the New York Times, Dmitri Peskov, spokesman for Russian President Vladimir Putin, said that the Kremlin has no such documents. “The Kremlin has no compromising dossier on Trump, such information isn’t consistent with reality and is nothing but an absolute fantasy.”

The entire report has not been published. Trump and Obama was given a briefing on the subject of the document.

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