Disney New Year’s Eve 2016 Fireworks Can Now Be Viewed Online [Video]

Disney New Year’s Eve 2016 Fireworks Can Now Be Viewed Online [Video] Remember… Dreams Come True HarshLight / Flickr cc

The festive Disney New Year’s Eve 2016 fireworks display can now be viewed online for those who missed it.

The fireworks display, dubbed as “Fantasy in the Sky,” is one of the highlights at Disney’s Magic Kingdom. The event attracts thousands of families on New Year’s Eve since it was first launched.

Celebrating New Year’s Eve at Disney

Disney is one of the best places in the United States to welcome the coming year. But for many reasons, not everyone can experience the majestic event. The theme park giant has captured the best scenes from the firework display in one video.

For those who were at the park physically, seeing the entirety of the display in all angles can be difficult. But the video summarizes some highlights and breathtaking spectacles that night in a two-minute video.

Apart from the recorded video, Disney also showcased the fireworks display via live stream at 11:45 EST on December 31, 2016. But not all were able to catch the stream, so the clamor for a video has increased.

Fantasy in the Sky 2017

Over the past years, the popular Fantasy in the Sky became a yearly event at the Magic Kingdom Park during New Year’s Eve. Although there have been no official announcements for this year’s event, it pays to be prepared.

The majority of the problems people have experienced related to their visit the park on New Year’s Eve resulted from a lack of preparation. According to Disney’s official public announcement page, it is best to plan one’s travel to the park ahead of time. This could avoid potential headaches that could ruin the family vacation.

Aside from buying tickets to any of Disney’s parks, booking accommodations and dinner reservation is a must. Since thousands of families will be flocking in the New Year’s Eve to witness this spectacular fireworks display, having a confirmed dinner reservation the same night is advised.

Guests should also monitor the availability and other information regarding their reservation to avoid inconveniences. Separate tickets may be required on different attractions and parks inside the Magic Kingdom.