Disney Movies: Know the Connection Between All Pixar Films

Disney Movies: Know the Connection Between All Pixar Films Inside Out characters from BagoGames/Flickr with CC BY 2.0

For years, fans speculated that all Pixar films are connected. Disney seemed to have ignored all the fiasco until now. Disney released a video proving that the rumors were true, as the film giant confirmed the connection of all Pixar films through a video compilation showing all the Easter eggs.

Disney Confirms Connections Between Pixar Films

Avid fans of the Pixar films believe that the everything took place in the same world. Some evidences included the Pizza Planet truck in every film. Another Easter egg was the same rubber ball bouncing in different films.

Disney movies had often caught the imagination of the kids and the young-at-heart. Since the beginning of Pixar films, fans all over the globe had a gut-feeling that everything is connected. Some people even claimed that they saw some signs in every movie.

It became a trending topic everywhere on the internet. People might think that the film company is too busy to listen to these conspiracy theories. AVClub noted that it was a huge surprise for the fans when the animation company went out of their way to confirm fan theories.

According to The Independent, the footage revealed that the Easter eggs that Disney planted in every film. The video did not specifically give a storyline that the whole Pixar universe operated in a linear way. The video showed how Disney smartly planted pieces of every Pixar films to various movie scenes.

Pixar Film Crossover

One of the Easter eggs involved Lotso from Toy Story 3. Lotso was an evil bear in the third installment of Toy Story. He was in a bedroom of a little girl in the movie Up. The little girl was not a major character of the film. In fact, the little girl was just a bystander who saw Old Carl’s house being flown by balloons. The old man’s dog, Dug, was featured in Ratatouille.

The Easter eggs also included Monsters University and Brave. James Sullivan, a fury-blue monster from Monsters University, was carved on wood, which was featured in the film Brave. Disney took the simplest things from one film and used it in a scene of another Pixar film. The Easter eggs did not overpower any film. In reality, fans would often look for these hidden symbols which made watching Disney movies more interesting.

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