Designated Survivor Season 1 Returns From Winter Break

Designated Survivor Season 1 Returns From Winter Break PHOTOGRAPH: Designated Survivor Facebook Page |

Designated Survivor season 1 will be returning on air and the second half does not look very pretty. Many fans were left hanging when the show took its midseason break. Hanna Wells was falsely accused for firing her gun right before the winter break, and fans were dying to know what comes next.

When the Head of State suddenly changes overnight, there is no doubt there will be chaos following. In real life, it is safe to say that President Donald Trump does not have that problem. However, the characters in the American political thriller Designated Survivor are not so lucky.

Designated Survivor Season 1: What Lies Ahead

(Note: Spoilers Ahead)

The first season left off when FBI Agent Hanna Wells, played by Maggie Q, gets into trouble. People think she was the one who fired the gun at the Vice President’s inauguration. However, according to an ABC website, she was actually preventing a sniper from killing the President of the United States.

The official synopsis reads that there will be a lot of trouble brewing. The nation is still recovering from the mass shooting on the Capitol steps. At the same time, Emily Rhodes, played by Italia Ricci, is struggling to keep her intel on the traitor a secret. However, Wells is determined to reveal everything about the conspiracy behind the attack.

Designated Survivor Season 1: Looking Back At The Mid-Season Finale

In the mid-season finale, Wells took a shot at the direction of the open window before Catalan’s shot was fired. She managed to uncover Catalan’s plan of assassinating President Kirkman, played by Kiefer Sutherland. While her shot managed to disrupt the assassination, it struck someone else on stage.

Rhodes, on the other hand, found out that the Presidential Chief of stall and her lover Aaron Shore, played by Adan Canto, were assisting the notorious terrorists Al-Sakar. They were closely involved by handing out the blueprints of the Capitol Bombing. This happened simultaneously with Wells discovery of Catalan’s plans.

Designated Survivor Season 1: A New Leader In Chaos

President Kirkman was not the first president to get assassinated. In fact, the whole premise of the series follows a series of unfortunate events. It all starts during explosion on the night of the State of the Nation Address. It claims the lives of the President and all his cabinet members. Kirkman, the US Secretary of Housing and Urban Development at the time, was the only survivor. He gets the job as president and gets immediately sworn in to prevent anarchy.

Fans will just have to wait a couple of days to know what happens to Hanna Wells. Designated Survivor will be returning on air on March 8 on ABC in the US. Those who are subscribed to Netflix US and Netflix Australia will also be able to watch it.


Source: ABC

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