Declassification Of Roswell Incident Files Was CIA’s Trick

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Declassification Of Roswell Incident Files Was CIA’s Trick PHOTOGRAPH: peterbwiberg | Under Public Domain

It was reported that the declassification of CIA’s Roswell incident files were again a part of a cover-up. CIA earlier released several classified documents about the UFO phenomenon. According to a conspiracy theorist, the release was a trick and there was no transparency involved.

Roswell Incident: Declassification Was A Trick

The alien conspiracy theorist alleged that the released files were red herrings and there was nothing real about them. People who believed they were enlightening themselves by reading the files, were simply wasting time. He also said that the declassification was a mere distraction.

Scott Waring of UFO Sightings Daily claimed that there was zero information regarding the unresolved Roswell UFO case from 1947. In fact, the Roswell case is considered to be the mother of the entire UFO phenomena among alien enthusiasts. He discussed in the incident in a recent blog post.

Furthermore, Waring, along with several alien enthusiasts, has been stating that the U.S. Government and aliens are in contact. They said that the public is kept in the dark when it comes to the entire extraterrestrial issue. They also stated that the cover-ups were done to avoid affecting religion and the rule of law, said Express UK.

Waring wrote that just out of kindness, the CIA released investigative documents regarding ancient UFO sightings and aliens. “It’s a pile of garbage documents that have been picked out as being the least important and least revealing, and then they edit them until its so unreadable that no one will ever learn anything from them,” Waring wrote. He added that these documents have no information about the Roswell case nor the famous UFO sightings in Brazil, New Mexico and Russia.

Roswell Incident: The Release

CIA released troves of documents containing top secret information last month. The documents have data related to the MK Ultra operation. The most important contents of the documents were the UFO investigations.

According to The New Daily, the declassified CIA documents did not give out any information regarding specific proof of alien encounters or alliances. However, the files depicted a real acknowledgement about UFOs were an actual source of concern.

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