Debbie Reynolds Dead: Possible Joint Funeral, Husbands & More Facts About Carrie Fisher’s Mother

Debbie Reynolds Dead: Possible Joint Funeral, Husbands & More Facts About Carrie Fisher’s Mother Debbie Reynolds Tracie Hall / Flickr

The latest newsflash is the Debbie Reynolds dead headlines as Carrie Fisher’s mother recently passed away.

The media or the public doesn’t take deaths in Hollywood lightly especially if the story is particularly tragic. For those who have been following the late Carrie Fisher’s news, the recent Debbie Reynolds dead news comes with a heavy heart.

No one really expected to hear about the death of the iconic actress Carrie Fisher. Her sudden heart attack on a plane ride back to Los Angeles had her stop breathing for 10 minutes. She was immediately taken to the hospital but died four days later.

As if the news wasn’t devastating enough, Fisher’s mother, actress Debbie Reynolds, just passed away.

No Luck In Love

Reynolds was married three times, to Eddie Fisher, Harry Karl and Richard Hamlett. However, despite being loyal to her husbands, they all left her for other women.

She wasn’t left completely alone, as she had two children from her first husband, Eddie Fisher. At age 23 she got married, and then had her son Todd Fisher and daughter Carrie Fisher. They divorced after finding out he had an affair with actress Elizabeth Taylor.

Karl wasn’t any better and was reported by the New York Post as an alcoholic and a cheater. He was a multimillionaire but made bad investments and gambling.

Last was Richard Hamlett, a real estate developer. Reynolds reported that he was handsome and blue-eyed, but she became his personal bank. Things didn’t turn out well, when she asked for a divorce, he told her he was in the marriage for the money.

Despite her unlucky relationships, she did have a booming career and starred in numerous films in the 1950s. She starred in successes Susan Slept Here, Bundle Of Joy, The Catered Affair, How The West Was Won, and so many more.

The Debbie Reynolds dead news has made people speculate that there could be a joint funeral. The actress, a Hollywood icon, was 84 year old when she died of a stroke. She was rushed to the hospital on December 28. According to Variety, she was pronounced dead a few hours later.