‘Deadpool 2’ Supporting Cast Revealed, Actors From First Movie Return

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‘Deadpool 2’ Supporting Cast Revealed, Actors From First Movie Return Deadpool

Deadpool 2 faced a minor setback in 2016 when the movie lost its director due to “creative differences.” But the studio seems to have gotten its act together, according to a recent talk with the screenwriters.

Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick decided to visit Nerdist HQ on Thursday for a Facebook Live Q&A. The screenwriters initially revealed that the script for Deadpool is in the process of completion. However, they still decided to drop some announcements during the interaction.

It has been confirmed that Karan Soni will reprise his character in Deadpool 2. The actor played a humorous Indian taxi driver named Dopinder in the debut.

Deadpool 2 Brings Back Dopinder

Paul Wernick said during the Q&A, “I would say that the relationship between Dopinder and Deadpool was the most fun for me. I love that relationship and I love that character. And he’ll be in the sequel.” Fans can check out the video here.

The screenwriters also visited Collider for an interview. Fortunately, they had more casting announcements to share with Steve Weintraub, editor-in-chief of the news website. During the talk, Reese and Wernick confirmed that Negasonic and Colossus will appear in Deadpool 2.

X-Men Characters From Debut Also Cast in Sequel

According to Wernick, ” I can’t say how much they are….” To which Reese replied with, “I think we can say. Yeah, they’ll be in the sequel.”

In the first movie, Negasonic and Colossus appeared in the first and third act. Moreover, fans also got to see them in action as well.

Currently, the screen time for Negasonic and Colossus haven’t been revealed yet. But according to Wernick, it looks like they won’t largely be part of the movie.

“Deadpool 2” was expected to begin shooting in early 2017. Delays are expected, though, as the movie currently doesn’t have a director and is still working on the script.

Ryan Reynolds is the main actor and executive producer of the movie. Twentieth Century Fox is yet to reveal the release date.

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