Deadpool 2 Plot Rumors: Popular Character Returning, Pierce Brosnan May Play Cable Role

Deadpool 2 Plot Rumors: Popular Character Returning, Pierce Brosnan May Play Cable Role PHOTOGRAPH: Flickr/Liam McLoughlin |

Deadpool 2 is back and so the rumor mill begins. According to reports, three major characters, who are very much loved by fans, are all making a come back. Furthermore, a big wig actor is also joining the cast. Read on to know more.

When the first Deadpool was released, the film got a lot of positive reviews. The lead character was sarcastically engaging and was very different from other heroes. Also, he broke the “fourth wall,” as he would tend to talk to the audiences as they watched the film on screen.

After the success of the first film, a sequel was just what people wanted. The good news is that Ryan Reynolds is back and will be donning the scarlet suit once again. He may have more company this time around.

A New Addition to Deadpool 2 Cast

According to Games Radar, Deadpool will finally get his buddy Cable. Fans speculated that James Bond star Pierce Brosnan might be the one to step into Cable’s shoes. Reynolds, who plays Deadpool/Wade Wilson, posted an image in his Instagram account. This image had him, Brosnan, and Wolverine’s Hugh Jackman on a couch together posing as the three monkeys.

While there has not been any confirmation regarding his casting, Brosnan did give out a verbal clue. He stated that he has not signed on “yet.” This only means that there may be some negotiations going on or he’s trying to confuse the public.

In fact, Brosnan is the only actor rumored to play the role of Cable. Other actors like Stephen Lang, Ron Perlman, Dolph Lundgren, Jon Hamm, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan were also mentioned in recent reports. While the movie is still in early-production stages, there are already a lot of names being thrown around.

Another Love Interest for Deadpool?

In other news, another character is speculated to make an appearance in Deadpool 2. According to Cinemablend, the character Domino is rumored to pop up in the sequel films. Of course, fans did not see this coming, as her appearance in the film would make the first film completely useless.

Domino, based on the comics, is known as Deadpool’s most serious romantic interest. They do have a tumultuous relationship but had a passionate partnership. If she does make an appearance, Wade’s established relationship with Vanessa, as played by Morena Baccarin, will be meaningless.


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