Dead Father Opens Coffin During Funeral, Reprimands Family for Preparing his Own Burial

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Dead Father Opens Coffin During Funeral, Reprimands Family for Preparing his Own Burial PHOTOGRAPH: Eugene Peretz/Flickr | coffin

A dead elderly man reportedly sat up in his coffin during his funeral in China. He then proceeded to scold his family, asking them what was going on.

Dead Man Alive In China: Shocking Incident

Reports stated that the 75-year-old had “stopped breathing.” His hands and feet were cold, so his son Huang Mingquan, along with a dozen other relatives, thought he was dead. It was easily understood that the old man was already weak, so everyone thought he had passed away.

According to Mirror UK, the family was stunned when the man opened his coffin then sat up after eight hours into his funeral service. When he saw the events around him, he asked his children, “What’s happening? Are you preparing my funeral?”

The old man, after waking up, saw the curled-up smoke, ornaments and banners. He also came across his relatives present in the funeral to mourn his death. The ceremony would have continued for the next few days before his coffin is put under the ground.

After the old man sat up, his children approached him immediately. They lifted their old father and took him back to bed. They apologized for the awkward mix-up.

The 75-year-old pensioner is still weak. He is also not eating much. After the incident, he has already spent the past days lying in bed and eating porridge, according to The Sun.

Dead Man Alive in China: Another Case

In 2015, another case of a dead person coming back to life took place in China. Guo Liu was thought to be dead after falling over while smoking. He was rushed to the hospital, where doctors thought he was experiencing intense cerebral hemorrhage. Afterwards, the hospital called his family to inform them that Liu had passed away.

However, like what happened to the 75-year-old man, Liu “came back.” While they were prepping to bury Liu, shocked family and friends heard him crying, tears rolling down his eyes, as reported by the Metro UK.

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