DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Episode 13: Find Out What Happens in Land of the Lost

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DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Episode 13: Find Out What Happens in Land of the Lost PHOTOGRAPH: Facebook/DC's Legends of Tomorrow |

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow season 2 episode 13 will return on March 7. Episode 13 is titled Land of the Lost which will bring the Legends back to the pre-historic era. A mishap involving rip will drag the Waverider back to the time when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. The team will simultaneously try to repair the Waverider while trying to fix Rip’s mind.

Land of the Lost will feature Rip Hunter, sabotaging the Waverider. His action will cause the time-traveling vessel to go back 70 million years in the past. This will all happen following the events that took place in episode 12, Camelot/3000.

Legends of Tomorrow season 2 episode 12: The Legends captured Rip

In episode 12, Rip tracked Charles McNider in the year 3000. Rip killed Charles and took the fragment of the Spear of Destiny under his care. Gideon located the next fragment during the time of medieval England in 507 A.D., which was the reign of King Arthur. The legends traveled to medieval England but Guinevere intercepted them. The Legends were brought to Arthur. Amaya recognized Arthur’s adviser, Merlin, as Stargirl who is a member of the JSA. Merlin explained that Rip divided the Spear into four pieces. She formed the Knights of the Round Table in order to protect the piece of the Spear that is with her.

The Legion kidnapped Arthur and used the king to infiltrate Camelot. The Legion demanded to have the fragment of the Spear in exchange for the king. Sara persuaded Guinevere to help them fight. Stargirl refused to hand-over the fragment of the Spear, leading to Amaya’s resolution to steal it. Unfortunately, Stargirl caught Amaya in the act of forging the piece into the Excalibur. Due to her love for Arthur, Stargirl entrusted the fragment to the Legends. The Legends were successful in capturing and subduing Rip. The team plans on reversing the Legion’s brainwash on Rip. While in prison, Rip contacted Gideon who was programmed to be loyal to him.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow season 2 episode 13: The Legends go back to the time of the dinosaurs

These events will lead to the Land of the Lost. While inside the Waverider, Rip manages to crash the vessel. This will leave the Legends stuck in the prehistoric. In order to fix their dilemma, the Legends will be divided into two teams. Ray will lead Amaya and Nate to recover a vital piece of the Waverider. Nate and Amaya are growing closer together which will have serious ramifications.

Meanwhile, Rory, Sara, and Jax are doing their best to bring the good Rip back. Rory suggests to enter Rip’s mind and try to reverse his memories from the inside. However, when Sara and Jax enter Rip’s mind, they found unpleasant things in his subconscious. The two will need to fight the evil versions of themselves.

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