DCEU News: Justice League And Wonder Woman Positive Reviews, Details

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DCEU News: Justice League And Wonder Woman Positive Reviews, Details PHOTOGRAPH: Official Justice League Facebook Page |

Justice League and Wonder Woman are slated to be released this year. Both movies are expected to correct the earlier damages caused by Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad. Unfortunately, the 2017 DCEU films are already a victim of bad press.

Earlier this month, a report revealed that Justice League is a “mess” and Wonder Woman “stinks.” A few DCEU insider journalists have stood against the claim, suggesting it is too soon to judge. However, it did not stop fans from criticizing the movie.

Finally, a source has assured fans that Justice League and Wonder Woman could possibly be a blockbuster hit. Recently, The Wrap Reporter Umberto Gonzalez was part of Sundance 2017. During his appearance at the festival, the journalist was also able to interact with two sources and gain important scoop.

‘Justice League’ and ‘Wonder Woman’ Receive ‘Good’ Comment

Gonzalez was able to get a positive opinion regarding the 2017 DCEU movie. Moreover, both sources have watched the “first cut” as well. He tweeted, “Of all places, ran into 2 different sources here at Sundance, 1 saw WW 1st cut, the other JL. They tell me good things about each.”

Wonder Woman has been judged similar to Batman v Superman since 2016. During an interview, Gal Gadot, playing the lead female role, also said that the movie is “pretty dark” with “moments of humor.” However, the director of the movie said that “the overall tone is optimistic.”

Wonder Woman Could Be Dark

By far, Justice League has managed to escape the “dark epic” discussion, as sources have continued to suggest the film is fun. Recently, Ben Affleck also shared a similar opinion.

Justice League will be released on November 17. On the other hand, Wonder Woman will hit theaters on June 2. Warner Bros. is currently promoting Gal Gadot’s standalone film.

Zack Snyder’s movie is still in post-production stage. Wonder Woman will also appear in Justice League. The female superhero plays a prominent role in the plot and in the fight against the main super villain.

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