DC Extended Universe: Krona, Agent Orange and Mongul May Appear in Green Lantern Corps

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DC Extended Universe: Krona, Agent Orange and Mongul May Appear in Green Lantern Corps Green Lantern

Earlier this month, it was announced that Green Lantern Corps has been approved as the official reboot movie by Warner Bros. The studio has also revealed that Geoff Johns will co-write the story as well. However, rest of the casting details has not been announced yet.

It is likely that the main cast of the movie is still in discussion at Warner Bros. Fans are also curious to find out whether Hal Jordon or John Stewart version of Green Lantern would be used in the reboot movie. While it remains unclear, Cinema Blend listed characters that could appear as villains in Green Lantern Corps.

DC’s Krona is the first best contender for Green Lantern Corps. Surprisingly, the super villain is a Maltusian, the same origin of the Guardians of the Universe. The character’s greed for power eventually led him into seduced by the dark side.

Green Lantern Corps Release Date Set For 2020

Krona was also cast in the previous Green Lantern movie. However, his existence was shown through Parallax as the unknown guardian that manipulated entity. If the super villain is considered for the reboot, it is likely that his role will be more prominent.

Larfleeze could also be considered to play as the villain for the movie. The character is known in DC Comics as the Orange Lantern. Moreover, he is one of the most feared villains in fictional universe.

Larfleeze is the only Orange Lantern. The character has refused to share his powers with others unlike Green Lantern Corps. The villain’s greed for gaining power co-exists with the fact that he will never be satisfied.

In DC Comics, the Corps has also failed to stop him. Instead, he made a deal to keep his power in the Vega sector. The character’s fearsome stance in the universe makes him a likely contender for Green Lantern Corps.

Orange Lantern Could Be Main Villain In Reboot Movie

Mongul is a significant character in DC Universe. Unlike others, the character is known to be threat to the entire universe and has battled superheroes like Superman as well. The appearance of the villain could also involve the Justice League to intervene.

Mongul is known as the leader of Warworld. The villain conquers alien world and has also been empowered by the Sinestro Corps to use the orange ring in the past as well. While the character has not directly been a threat to Green Lanterns, Cinema Blend has stated their sensible opinion on how he could be in the reboot.

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