DC Rebirth Comics: Geoff Johns Next Write-Up To Feature DC Character In Watchmen, Dan DiDio Reveals

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DC Rebirth Comics: Geoff Johns Next Write-Up To Feature DC Character In Watchmen, Dan DiDio Reveals DC Films Facebook

Earlier on New Year Eve, DC Comics COO Geoff Johns decided to reveal his list of anticipated events from DC Universe. While it was evident that ‘Wonder Woman’ and ‘Justice League’ would be part of his list, the comic book writer also made a new announcement from his line of projects.

Geoff Johns’ first tweet from New Year Eve revealed that he will be “writing comics again”. The DC Comics COO added “stay tuned,” suggesting more details are coming out soon. But that wasn’t the catch.

Geoff Johns To Start Writing New DC Rebirth Comic

The comic book writer also featured an image along with his tweet, the cryptic photo revealed a close shot of  Dr.Manhattan from Watchmen. Fans can check it out below.

The tweet has gone viral since then and fans have begun speculating that DC Rebirth will collide with Watchmen in a new issue. Fortunately, it looks like the comic book fans were correct.

Earlier on Monday, Bleeding Cool was able to contact DC Entertainment President Diane Nelson and DC Comics co-publisher Dan DiDio via Facebook private message. Fortunately, the comic news website was able to gather some vital details from both representatives.

DC Superheroes In Watchmen

Diane Nelson told Bleeding Cool, “What’s to do in ’17 that hasn’t been done? That will be the fun!!!.” Dan DiDio directly answered the question that “DC Universe meets the Watchmen!”. Fans can check out the screenshots of the private messages here.

Earlier in DC Universe: Rebirth #1, Writer Geoff Johns dropped a hint in the last pages. It was revealed that the Watchmen universe will soon collide with DC Rebirth.

Recently, DC Comics also released the Deluxe Edition (Hardcover) for “DC Universe: Rebirth #1. The book is currently available for purchase on e-commerce websites.

Currently, it has only been confirmed that the new Watchmen/DC Rebirth comic will be written by Geoff Johns. More details are to be revealed soon.