DC All Access Host Backs Up Wonder Woman Script, Compares It to ‘Superman: The Movie’

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DC All Access Host Backs Up Wonder Woman Script, Compares It to ‘Superman: The Movie’ PHOTOGRAPH: Wonder Woman Official Facebook Page |

A podcast video on YouTube was released on Monday, hurting DCEU’s Wonder Woman with negative press once again. One of the speakers in the Schmoes Know said that her source revealed Patty Jenkins’ movie stinks and discombobulated. Since then, the claim has triggered major conversation online.

DCEU Insider Umberto Gonzalez shared another version, suggesting that Wonder Woman is good. He revealed that his source watched a rough cut of the movie and got his scoop during his presence at Sundance 2017. Another video surfaced, suggesting that Wonder Woman is a good movie.

A podcast video by Popcorn Talk discussed the aftermath of Schmoes Know take on Wonder Woman. DC All Access Host Jason Inman was also part of Popcorn Talk video. Fortunately, Inman had nice words for the movie based on his own scoop.

Wonder Woman Script Gets Positive Feedback

“I know personally, someone who has read the Wonder Woman script and they loved it, and they compared it to Superman: The Movie,” Inman said. He added that it was the “script that was made, the shooting script.” The DC All Access host talked about the negative feedbacks on Wonder Woman in the video below.

Earlier in 2016, Jenkins also revealed details similar to Inman’s scoop. The director spoke to Variety about her upcoming DCEU movie. During her interaction, she said that “Richard Donner’s Superman released in 1978 was her inspiration for Gal Gadot’s standalone movie.”

Too Early to Judge a Movie by Rough Cut

Fans must note that Wonder Woman is still in “rough cut” stages. It is likely that the version shown to selected audience will be subject to change. This is why it is quite early to judge the movie and its plot.

Wonder Woman will be released on June 2. The movie is currently in post-production stage. Recently, behind-the-scenes photos revealed Gal Gadot’s Diana Prince and confirmed that Ares, the God of War, will be the main villain in the movie.

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