Daylight Saving Time And Your Horoscope: Change in Astrological Sign Possible

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Daylight Saving Time And Your Horoscope: Change in Astrological Sign Possible PHOTOGRAPH: Flickr/CLAUDIA DEA | Under Public Domain Mark 1.0

The Daylight saving time will start on March 12, which means that the clocks will once again go forward for an hour. The time-honored ritual will end on November 5. For the time-being, the springtime clock will be advanced. However, it might have some changes in a person’s horoscope and even health.

Historically, the tradition began during the summer months and ended in winter. Most sources credited Benjamin Franklin for the idea of Daylight saving time. Franklin started a satirical essay in 1784 with the title, An Economical Project, which suggested to save money by making good use of daylight.

Germany was the first country who implemented the Daylight saving time in 1961. During World War I, the country has to conserve electricity and by doing so, they began saving daylight. In the U.S., the tradition started in 1918.

Since 2007, the DST begins during the second Sunday of March and ends on the first Sunday of November. People will move their clocks one hour advance than the local standard time. This means that if it is currently 3 am, the time will be moved to 4 am. In November, the clocks are moved back from 4 am to 3 am.
Minor changes in the time can also mean changes in a person’s horoscope.

Daylight Saving Time can mess up a person’s horoscope

Astrologers determine a person’s horoscope through the sun, the moon and ascendant sign based on his or her birth chart. Basically, the chart shows the placement of the celestial bodies in the sky at the child’s time of birth.

In the Western astrology, there are three main astrological signs. The ascendant sign of a person is the sign located at the Eastern part of the sky during the time of birth. The signs spend two hours in the horizon. The sign would start shifting one degree every four minutes. Therefore, having one hour difference might have a major impact on the person’s ascendant. If the signs are moving a degree every four minutes, the one hour change will be a huge deal on which ascendant sign is located on the Eastern horizon during the person’s birth.

Fortunately, astrologers are going hi-tech. Most astrologers at the current time use a software that fixes the confusion brought by the DST. The software helps the astrologers to track the right ascendant sign despite the DST changes. Sadly, this might not work for those born before the year of 1975 due to the fact that there is no strict implementation of the DST before.

Daylight Savings Time can affect a person’s health

Aside from the horoscope, the DST can also have an effect on a person’s health. People lose an hour of sleep which will significantly throw the body’s internal clocks off. It can mess up a person’s sleep schedule. Sadly, the body never adjusts. According to studies focused on sleep, humans’ internal sleep schedule is always synced up with the sun. The internal sleep schedule, a.k.a. circadian rhythm, does not change based on people’s decisions on when to sleep. This is why working at night is called a graveyard shift, since the body is not programmed to work at that time. Despite some negative aspects, the DST helps to save a lot of energy since people will less likely use energy at night.

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