Missing American Student David Sneddon Spotted in North Korea

Missing American Student David Sneddon Spotted in North Korea PHOTOGRAPH: Pixabay / Catherine Chan | Under Public Domain

David Sneddon, an American student, who went missing was spotted in North Korea. Sneddon disappeared when he was hiking in China. Sources previously claimed that Sneddon might have been abducted while he was traveling in Yunnan Province.

David Sneddon: Alive in North Korea

A South Korean activist claimed that he has information about Sneddon’s location. He insisted that Sneddon is alive. A witness said that he was seen in North Korea.

The activist, Choi Sung-ryong, is known for working with families of people kidnapped in North Korea. He claimed that a source in North Korea ascertained that the American student is in the country. Sneddon was allegedly brought to a distant location in Mount Myohyang in 2016 after his abduction made a lot of noise.

According to UPI, the American student was spotted at the Chosun Red Cross Hospital in Pyongyang. In addition, he was seen in the state-sanctioned Bongsu Church. It was rumored that Sneddon was brought to Pyongyang to teach Kim Jong-Un and his sister Kim Yo Jong.

United States officials had a meeting with Choi in the U.S. Embassy in Seoul last year. They talked about Sneddon’s case. “I was also asked whether I could testify before the United States Congress,” Choi said.

Choi has North Korean sources who have helped him locate many South Korean nationals living in Pyongyang. Sneddon was abducted by North Korean agents in 2004, Choi said. He was then taken to Pyongyang using a way through Myanmar. However, the abduction story was stated as fictitious by North Korean officials.

David Sneddon: US Investigates

On Monday, it was reported that the Trump administration is now investigating the alleged abduction of Sneddon. The U.S. administration might conclude that North Korea really kidnapped the American student. However, if that happens there would be a massive crack in the relationship between the U.S. and North Korea, said The Dong-A Ilbo.

Choi stated the U.S. embassy informed him that the government has taken off Sneddon’s missing status. They will be terminating the missing status. In addition, they will officially declare that he was abducted in North Korea once the investigation is done and facts are confirmed. “Our goal is to ensure that the U.S. government does everything possible to investigate his likely abduction and secure his safe return,” Sneddon’s family stated.

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