Dan Nainan Age and Net Worth: ‘Millenial’ Comedian Performing at All American Inaugural Ball


Dan Nainan, a comedian who lied for being a millennial for years, will perform at All American Inaugural Ball on the day before Donald Trump inauguration. The announcement came weeks after a report emerged revealing his true age. Because of the controversy, people wanted to know more about him.

What Is The Real Number

Dan Nainan is a comedian who is widely known for claiming to be 20 years younger than he actually is. He’s a former Intel engineer who made a name for himself as a go-to source for publications writing about millennial. Back in 2012, he told New York Times he was 31 and also said he was 36 to Wall Street Journal.

Daily Beast revealed his real age, which is allegedly 55, earlier this month. Nainan has denied this and noted that there was a mistake on his birth record. Multiple documents were also presented to prove his real age.

Comedic Perfomer

Nainan is making headlines, not just for his age, but for his involvement in the All American Ball. This major inaugural ball will take place on January 19, 2017. Though many confuse this ball with the presidential inauguration, it actually isn’t officially associated with that. While President-Elect Trump will not necessarily attend the ball, he may do so in the future.

Nainan previously participated in the same ball in 2013 when Barack Obama was elected. Although he is known for his previous work at Intel, he will be attending the ball to perform. In fact, he’s made millions performing stand up comedy around the world. To be exact, according to Celebrity Net Worth, he is worth $3 Million.

Though some people are thrilled to see him there, other just can not wrap their head around it. If he isn’t getting blows for lying about his age, some are nitpicking his bio on the website. Others just don’t understand why he’s being given more important than fellow attendee former astronaut Buzz Aldrin. In any case, there is definitely more important things that matter than faking an age to the public.

Age is a number in the entertainment business, and one comedian has lied for being a millennial for years.

There is no shame in hiding one’s age, and in Hollywood, its something that’s been done for years. Some celebrities, upon entering the business, conceal their true age in order to climb the ladder to success. While some admit their real ages, though they do not seem to look like it, others are keeping it a secret still.

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