Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Houston Texans, Cleveland Browns Among Possible Landing Spots for Tony Romo

Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Houston Texans, Cleveland Browns Among Possible Landing Spots for Tony Romo PHOTOGRAPH: Flickr / M&R Glasgow | Under CC BY 2.0

The Dallas Cowboys have a tough decision to make this offseason. Dak Prescott had an impressive rookie season and will likely keep his starting quarterback role. This will leave Tony Romo with no choice but to settle for a backup role or find a new team.

Romo has spent his entire 12-year career with the Cowboys. The 36-year-old has been slowed down by injuries over the past several seasons. But despite not starting even in a single game last season, several teams are expected to make a run at Romo.

From Dallas Cowboys to Houston Texans?

The Cowboys are weighing their options on Romo this offseason. Finding a trade partner is expected to be their top priority. However, there is also a chance the Cowboys will just free up Romo to give him the freedom to choose his next destination.

If the Cowboys decide to release Romo, the Houston Texans will be his most likely destination, former NFL executive Michael Lombardi said. Lombardi added that the Texans can acquire Romo through a cap-friendly deal. He pointed out that the Texans should waste no time in signing Romo once he becomes available on the free-agent market.

Most Texans fans made it no secret that they want no piece of Romo. However, Toro Times reported that signing Romo could do more good than harm. Romo will be an upgrade over their current quarterbacks like Brock Osweiler and Tom Savage, who almost led the Texans to a deep post-season run this year.

Cleveland Browns in Good Position to Acquire Romo

Meanwhile, the Cleveland Browns are looking to finally get out of the purgatory. The Browns had another dismal season, finishing with a league-worst 1-15 record. The Browns are expected to look for a new quarterback this offseason via trade, free agency or the draft.

The Browns have the chance to pick the best quarterback in the draft. However, getting a starting quarterback in the draft might not be enough to make them a playoff team next season. “If the Browns want to immediately compete they will make a splash and acquire Romo,” The Landry Hat noted.

The Browns are in a good position to acquire Romo if they decide to pursue the veteran quarterback. Aside from the first overall pick, the Browns also own the 12th pick in the draft. It remains to be seen, though, whether or not Cleveland will be willing to give up that valuable pick in exchange for a quarterback who is nearing retirement.