Cure for Cancer Developed: New Drug Heals UK Patient Completely

Cure for Cancer Developed: New Drug Heals UK Patient Completely PHOTOGRAPH: Flickr/Phil and Pam Gradwell | Under CC BY 2.0

A patient, who had the terminal disease spread from his lungs to lymph nodes, was completely cured of any trace of cancer. The miracle happened when patient Bob Berry took part in a new drug trial at The Christie’s National Institute of Healthcare Research in a facility in the United Kingdom. The first in human and first in class drug trial at the specialist cancer center, Berry’s healing is now considered a clinical breakthrough in the search for cancer treatment.

How Bob Ended Up at the Trial

Bob discovered that he suffered from cancer three years ago when he felt a growing pain in his shoulder. A scan revealed a shadow on his lungs and he was referred to a hospital. He was informed of a cancerous tumor that appeared on his lungs and needed to be removed. After following through with surgery to remove the tumor, the cancer spread to his Lymph nodes.

He was informed then that he only had 12-18 months to live. Despite being treated initially with Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy, Bob stopped responding to traditional means of cancer treatment a year ago. But after he joined the clinical trial at The Christie, his looming deadline was waved off, reported Christie. Now he encourages everyone looking to try a clinical trial to consider signing up for this miracle drug.

How the Drug Trial Works and Why It Is Not for Everyone

“Bob has had a phenomenal response to taking part in this clinical trial. His most recent scans show that he’s had a complete response with no apparent trace of tumor in his body,” said Dr. Matthew Krebs, Bob’s consultant. However, Bob has been kept under close observation to see if the beneficial effects of the drug remain intact. It can also help researchers establish why different cancer patients tend to react differently to the same drug. Krebs mentioned that Bob is a rare case and everyone should not expect to get the same level of success from the drug trial.

The drug is combined with a specific immunotherapy treatment. This enhances the effectiveness of the therapy. It boosted one’s natural immune system to help fight cancer cells. It has never been tested on humans before. But thanks to it, Bob can continue to take his nieces to ballet classes every week, reported ITV.

Not everyone enjoys the good fortune of even getting admitted to one of these clinical trials. Bob was one of three patients who participated in this trial in The Christie and among 12 around the world. Only six medical facilities have currently been given the green signal to conduct this drug trial.

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