Cucumbers Found After Fifty Shades Darker Screening

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Cucumbers Found After Fifty Shades Darker Screening PHOTOGRAPH: Alex80/Pixabay | Under Public Domain

An attendant found an oddly shaped cucumber in a cinema in Sydney, Australia after the screening of Fifty Shades Darker. In Norway, meanwhile, two badly-beaten cucumbers were also found after the screening of the film. Both stories had since gone viral with netizens debating whether it was just a publicity stunt.

Fifty Shades Darker Screening Took a Strange Turn

On February 13, Hayden Orpheum, a cinema in Sydney, posted a photo of an oddly shaped cucumber which one of its attendants found after a screening of Fifty Shades Darker. The cinema posted the photo via its official Twitter page with this caption: “That awkward moment when you find a cucumber in the cinema after a Fifty Shades session.” The hilarity which comes out of the situation made netizens think that it was just a publicity stunt. The suspicions grew because the attendant did not mind touching the cucumber with his bare hand as shown in the photo. The post can be found below.

While netizens debated whether Hayden Orpheum was just fooling the people, the same incident took place in Norway. A Twitter user who goes by the handler Malou Stitz also posted a photo. This time, the photo showed two cucumbers scattered on the floor of a cinema in Norway. The two cucumbers found in Norway were more controversial compared to the one found in Sydney. The photo also showed a dirty, crumpled tissue beside the two cucumbers. The post is found below.

Fifty Shades Darker Blockbuster Report

The Fifty Shades Darker was perfectly timed for the Valentine’s Day. In fact, according to the latest block buster update from Deadline on February 15, the film starring Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey, had now beat the Lego Batman Movie. As of Wednesday, Universal reported that the film earned a whopping $10.93 million for February 14 alone. This makes the film’s earning reached a total of $61.4 million in just 5 days after it was released on February 10. The Lego Batman Movie was second with its total of $60.77 million after its released five days ago. John Wick: Chapter 2 was third at $37.8 million.

Fifty Shades Darker Worldwide Blockbuster figure

Fifty Shades Darker has now earned a total $146.9 million in worldwide sales, Forbes reported. The film which stars Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Steele was able to earn $48.8 million in its domestic screening alone. Forbes is estimating that the film will end at a total of $344 million in worldwide sales.

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