Crash Bandicoot PS4: N Sane Trilogy Will Determine Future Editions Of The Game

Crash Bandicoot PS4: N Sane Trilogy Will Determine Future Editions Of The Game Crash Bandicoot winning a level in the game. Screengrab taken from Youtube/Playstation.

Fans just cant wait to get their hands on the upcoming Crash Bandicoot: N Sane Trilogy game. Will this Crash Bandicoot PS4 game be something the company plans on expanding in the future?

Classic games are a big part of how gaming came to be at the present time. Though many of these games started as arcade classics, the pioneer home console games are still a favorite.

It may still be possible to play the first-generation games provided that the older consoles are still working. However, modern technology, and new gaming developments, has upgraded the experience.

Some gaming companies have now remastered the game and upgraded the graphics for newer consoles. Now gamers can go back to classics and get the extra perk of playing with HD and smoother graphics.

Crash Bandicoot PS4 Game: The Return Of A Classic

The Crash Bandicoot: N Sane Trilogy is one of these classic reboot games that many are patiently waiting for. However, many are already looking to the future, as the game is rumored to be making even more Crash Bandicoot games.

According to Express UK, the future of the franchise entirely depends on Crash Bandicoot: N Sane Trilogy. The team responsible for reviving the game are fans themselves and would love to continue making more games.


There aren’t any details regarding the plot of the game, but its safe to say that Dr. Cortex is back to wreck havoc on the world. The franchise super villain actually created Crash and has plans for world domination as well. Crash usually has to stop Cortex from taking over, but he always manages to escape, which leads to more games.

The Crash Bandicoot: N Sane Trilogy game release date was initially leaked by accident on Brazilian gaming retailer Zillion Games. It was accidentally leaked that the Crash Bandicoot PS4 game’s launch date was listed as February 28, 2017. While there hasn’t been any confirmation from Sony, some gamers are speculating that it may be true.