Couple Wakes Up To A Kangaroo In Their Bedroom

Couple Wakes Up To A Kangaroo In Their Bedroom 13082 / 30 images Pixabay

What would you do if you opened your eyes from your sleep and saw a big kangaroo standing in front of you? Instead of freaking out, which would be anyone’s normal reaction, one couple took a snap of the rare house guest.

Kangaroo Invades A House

Bill and Norma McConnell were jerked awake from their sleep on Sunday at their home in Torquay, Victoria. The source of the disturbance was the sound of a loud crash. Apparently someone had broken into their house by cracking their bedroom window.

The first instinct in a situation like this would obviously be to think that one’s house was being invaded by a robber. But before the McConells had time to mull things over, they found the intruder standing in front of them.

And needless to say, it was not who they had expected at all. It was a kangaroo. Norma McConnell told 9 News that she “heard the incredible crash and saw this big, brown mound in front of me.”

Before they had time to react, the kangaroo hopped onto their bed before proceeding to the hallway of the house. The back door was opened and the kangaroo made his escape through it eventually.

But even in all these commotion, Bill McConnell had the presence of mind of snap a picture before it disappeared. Even though the resolution of the picture is not so good, one can still make out a burry silhouette of a brown creature standing near a door.

Mr. McConnell clarified that he did so because he do not want people to think that he was making the incident up.

That Time When A Man Slapped A Kangaroo

This is not the first time that humans have been known to have bizarre encounters with kangaroos. Earlier this year a video went viral where a man punched a kangaroo in the face because it was strangling his dog.

There was a lot of controversy regarding the video with half of the people saying that the man committed animal cruelty. Some people disagreed, though, since he did it to protect his dog.

While kangaroos are normally peaceful creatures, they can get quite defensive when they feel threatened. And their strong hoofs can really do damage.