Condom Used to Apply Makeup: Meet Beauty Blogger Laila Tahri

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Condom Used to Apply Makeup: Meet Beauty Blogger Laila Tahri PHOTOGRAPH: annca/Pixabay | Under Public Domain

Among the different way of applying makeup on one’s face, Beauty Blogger Laila Tahri has probably come up with the weirdest one. In one of her recent YouTube videos, Tahri showed her viewers how to apply makeup with a condom. As bizarre as it might sound, it actually works, as Tahri points out by the end of the video.

Biggest Flaw of Beauty Blender

Women who have even the most basic interest in the world of beauty and makeup know that one of the safest ways to apply makeup is by using a beauty blender. It is an oval shaped sponge that is pointy on one end. However, one of the greatest disadvantages of that sponge is that it absorbs a lot of product during blending one’s makeup. As a result, one tends to use up one’s makeup faster than intended.

To rectify this flaw, Laila Tahri, from Netherlands, came up with the idea of enveloping the sponge in an unused condom before applying makeup. She mentions during her beauty tutorial that the trick will enable her to enjoy the function of the sponge without it soaking up any extra quantities of makeup. However, before she can start doing that, Tahri takes care of hygiene first. She recommends thoroughly rinsing off the condom prior to inserting the sponge in it.  This is to get rid of the lube that has fair amounts of silicone in it.

Condom as Makeup Applicator: Verdict

She starts off with testing the blending power of the sponge after it becomes coated in the condom. After applying her foundation with the condom coated sponge, she repeats the process with concealer too. However, when it came to applying baby powder to “bake” her face, she discovered that the process was not so easy. She found that less the required amount of powder was sticking to the condom, and was getting transported to her face.

Overall, she had positive reviews for the unique process of applying makeup. She surmised that it did check the problem that seemed to be apparent with traditional beauty blenders, that is a loss of makeup product. Her method of applying makeup was so popular that it was picked up by many beauty bloggers thereafter.

YouTuber BeautyVixxen became the second one to try out the unusual makeup applicator. She, too, has raving reviews about the newest beauty blender. “Surprisingly I am in love with the results and outcome, if you aren’t scared to try it out I totally recommend it. Sadly it’s a condom and not a real beauty sponge,” she said, reported The Huffington Post.

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