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Colossal: Anne Hathaway Controls an Alien in Trailer, Sundance Movie Reviews in PHOTOGRAPH: Flickr / Charlieanders2 |

Anne Hathaway’s upcoming movie titled Colossal gives us a new look at the sci-fi genre in 2017. It looks like the movie also contains a pinch of comedy as chaos erupts all over earth. Fans can take a look the trailer below.

The promo trailer gave fans a look at Hathaway going through a mental breakdown in her life. But her problems also seem to be connected with catastrophic events that are taking place on earth. The video reveals that Hathaway as Gloria is able to control a giant extraterrestrial living being.

The trailer received positive reviews from the audience as it did not reveal much about the plot. Moreover, the casting also suggests that the film will contain humor even as it centers with a mysterious sci-fi plot. Finally, early reviews of Colossal have been released after the screening at Sundance.

Colossal Rated B+ At Sundance

Fans can be rest assured that Colossal is not a disappointment. Consequence of Sound has revealed that Hathaway’s sci-fi movie was rated B+ at Sundance. However, audience must keep in mind that the film might be for a unique set of viewers.

During Hathaway’s presence at Toronto Film festival, the actress revealed that “this movie does not have a clear genre.” It suggests that Colossal might be entirely different from the teasing sci-fi plot revealed in trailer. COS also wrote that Colossal is “genuinely touching film that works phenomenally well for the most part.” Moreover, the report also said that Anne Hathaway has done a wonderful job in pulling off a role that requires “an utter lack of vanity.”

Anne Hathaway Performance Acclaimed In Review

IMDb has rated Colossal 6.8 out 10. However surprisingly, the movie has received 76% with 26 fresh reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. Furthermore, 99% of the audience has rated that Colossal is a “want to see” movie. This rating is subject to change as more reviews are published.

Colossal is a sci-fi movie directed by Nacho Vigalondo. The movie will be releasing on April 7 this year. Fans can check out the cast of the movie talk about the plot with Variety in video below.

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